Mellow Mushroom, Nashville

Monday, October 31, 2011

That's Chloe in her Vandy Jersey from Kindergarten, it wasn't
too small!  She's with the Trocchi's, Gabe Light
 and 2 Atlanta Razorback neighbors

Zoe Light and Chloe, these two have been buds since pre-
kindergarten.  Zoe spent the night with us Friday, they
were so cute, they picked up where they left off....

During the break before the 4th quarter, the Vandy cheerleaders,
dancers and some of the band, all dressed up in costumes
and danced to Micheal Jackson's Thriller...notice the
mascot Mister Commodore is in the!

I grabbed a shot of Chloe on the beautiful Vanderbilt campus after the game...she loved the dozens of squirrels and wanted to feed them sweethearts....and yes, that's Cutler's number...:)

The kids table at Mellow Mushroom,
they all had a great time...three 5th graders: 
Chloe, Zoe and Katie really hit it off...

Mellow Mushroom in Nashville, delicious!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Chloe and I decided last minute to make the 4 hour trip over to Nashville for the Vanderbilt/Arkansas game.  For the first time in 21 years, I hadn't been to a college football game this year...that's amazing!  We gave up our season tickets to the Razorback games in Fayetteville 3 years ago and have seriously not missed it at all.  But I will say when Jackie mentioned going to the Vandy/Hog game, I was kinda interested in making it.

We met Jackie's roommates at this local pizza place on the edge of Vanderbilt's beautiful campus.  We had a party of 14 with 7 kids, 10 and under, who had a fabulous time seeing each other again.  We'd met the majority of the bunch at previous Vanderbilt games and some of them at the summer trip in Florida.

The three of us got to the Mellow Mushroom a little early because Chloe was hungry.  We had a wonderful kid's menu that features French Bread Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Meatballs and Fried Cheese and many other items.  Chloe just got a plan cheese and we all loved it.

When our crew arrived we luckily got a table in the back with a booth, which was smart since our volume kept rising as the kids were cutting up.  For dinner I had the "lil" Greek Salad that featured feta, banana peppers, cucumbers, kalamata olives, red onions and a spicy, creamy esparanza dressing.  The dressing had a good kick and was served on the side, thankfully.  For it's $4.99 price tag, it was not really "lil" at all, I couldn't finish it!  I had my eye on the Gourmet White 12 inch pizza $12.99 that boasted an olive oil and garlic base with feta, roasted red peppers, onions, roma tomatoes and provolone.  The crust was really something.  We enjoyed watched the chefs toss it in the kitchen.  It was thin and had a good 2 inch rolled crust.  I shared mine with the girls and they all loved it as well.  One of Jackie's roommates Mitch, has celiac disease, and Mellow Mushroom features a gluten-free pizza dough.  When Mitch, Heather, Zoe and Gage came through Birdeye a few years ago, I stressed the whole time about feeding Mitch, but with Amy's meals in the freezer section and gluten free pancake mix at our fabulous local grocery store, Hay's, you can make it!  I didn't try Mitch's pizza but it looked delicious just like everyone else's.

Mellow Mushroom also prides itself in a huge beer list.  Jackie and I laughed because there really are 600+ beer flavors across the country and everyone of the 110 Melow Mushrooms carry different varieties.  What a great thing!  The Nashville location has a great set up for large parties and we had a great waiter.  I loved being able to catch up with all of Jackie's roommates and their families!  Oh, and the ladies room was in great shape!

Mellow Mushroom, 212 21st Street, Nashville, TN, 615-342-0044.  Check out their neat website, I loved it!

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