Liberty Bowl, Memphis

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ohh the Liberty Bowl Parade on for Chloe, Tyler
Trocchi and Zoe and Gabe Light (Zach's 2 were also down there)

It's so sad that I have to give Mitch the BLACK STAR for taking
such a horrible photo, not only of his wife, Heather, but also
LJ, Amy, me and Aimee McMillan

I'm not bragging but I can take pictures...see Mitch...

Oh and in the first 2 minutes of the First Quarter,
we were all so bored that I took Chloe and Zoe
to see a movie over on Poplar and Mendenhall,
it was great and so fun...we arrived right after the game
 in time for me to clean out my glove box and trash....
Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Oh the Vanderbilt Commodores got to go to it's second bowl of this century...and it was famed coach James Franklin's first bowl in his first year as coach of the Dores.  Well, they lost to Cincinnati in a nail biting game on New Year's Eve.  I didn't realize how good the Bearcats were until the game but I have to confess that I took Chloe and Zoe Light to the movies during the first quarter, we were bored even though the weather was perfection compared to the last Liberty Bowl game we went to when Arkansas played and it was 20 degrees.  Anyhow, it was a great game even though they lost.  Jackie reported via Chloe's Ipad Sunday that the player for Cincinnati that returned a kick for a touchdown was Martin Luther King Jr's grandson.  We all agreed that the Bearcats should have won because of that play.

I can report that Chloe, Tyler Trocchi, Drew and Carter McGraw and I came on home after the game and let Jackie, Bill and Amy go out to eat on NewYear's Eve to the Rendezvous and later they met up with Zach and Amy McMillan at the Peabody for the Vanderbilt after party.  They said it was perfection.  They enjoyed the music, the food, the outfits and staying out until 2 am.  I made it till 11:40 pm and I was very proud of that number.  New Year's Day was laid back for everyone.  Chloe suggested Birdeye Donuts for breakfast (which is nothing more than a canned biscuit fried up and covered in homemade powdered sugar icing) and I made Otis Adams' Hopping John for lunch and had Harmon and Jeanie over and Martin and Kara's crew.  It was a fun and exhausting weekend.  I slept all afternoon!  Happy New Year!

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