Tamales 2012, Birdeye

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This is Tyler, Drew, Chloe and Carter playing the game
MeMe gave her for the xbox, Dance 3, it was hilarious!  Parents
are Vanderbilt alumni and attended the Liberty Bowl Dec. 31.
This was on New Year's morning before all the parents got up...

Ok..when you've drained the corn husks you can make
a dozen tamales at a time

For my second time around, I realized that making them exactly
like the website says to, make them on the left side of the
husk and roll them toward you works wonderfully

If you pull the husk back you can see the tamale rolled, notice
the whole cumin seeds in the masa

This is about how many tamales you can get in one large
steamer.  I did buy 2 steamers last year

Because I have my 2 new steamers to add to my colander
that I used last year, I could steam 3 pots at one time.
It takes 2 hours to steam the tamales, because I had so
many this time, I had to steam a total of 4 pots.

Well of course I had to add a photo of one of the reasons I
am such a spay/neuter freak.  This is darling Jimmy.  He's an
absolute keeper of a dog.  I really like this man.  He's totally
leashed trained, vetted and ready for a forever home.
 He's great with kids too.

I had to add a photo of Chloe Christmas morning. Santa
brought her an Ipad custom with her name on it and with
a library of books as well as other apps she likes
Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's official.  I've lost my mind.  I made Terry Conlan's Chicken Tamale Soup the other day and I was in Hay's yesterday and saw the corn husks and the shopping cart drove itself to the pork shoulder isle and then to the paprika and chili powder isle and it was a done deal.  I made the shoulder the night before this time.  It was two years ago that I did my first batch of hot tamales.  It hit me like a Mack truck to make them and I did.  It was smart this time to make the meat the night before so the cooking doesn't take 6 hours.  My shoulder was so big, an 8 pounder, that it made 5-1/2 dozen tamales and I was thankful I had 2 bags of husks and extra seasonings and Masa to make an extra recipe.  That's 66 tamales hand rolled and steamed.  Oh lordy...they are divine and I cut the fat in them by half this year and I think they taste wonderful.  Here's how it goes...be sure to check out the step by step website: www.sonofthesouth.net it has great techniques and comedy!

The Meat:

1 6-8 lb pork roast (this time I used an 8 lb boston butt)
1 large chicken (I don't add chicken but I bet it's divine)
1/2 C. canola oil
6 T. chili powder
3 T. cumin
3 T. garlic powder
2 T. salt
1 T. black pepper

Cut the pork into fist size chunks add the seasonings, cover with water and bring to a boil then simmer, covered for 2 hours.  Remove from pan SAVING THE BROTH.  Let the meat cool then shred with your hands and add the seasonings starting with the oil.  Refrigerate until ready to make tamales.

Corn Husks

Carefully separate the husks out of the bag into a sink of warm water and soak for 2 hours to soften.  Drain on towels and blot with paper towels.

The Masa Dough *I did have to make 1-1/2 recipes of this to accomodate my 8 lb roast, just fyi...

1/2 a 4 lb bag of Masa
3 T. paprika
3 T. salt
1T. cumin seeds
3 T. chili powder
3 T. garlic powder

Mix all of this then add 2 C. Corn Oil ( I did half this because that's a lot of fat grams)
8 Cups warmed broth from the pork shoulder (keeping the rest of it for steaming the tamales)

After adding the oil, add 1 cup at a time the broth stiring on the bottom of the bowl especially.  If it's too dry, just add enough warm water to make it smooth.  Too wet, add more Masa.

Tamale Making

On a corn husk, add about 1/2 cup masa with your fingers and rub smooth on the left side of it.  The big part of the husk away from you put the masa on 1/3 of the husk...see picture.  You don't have to fill up the husk at all just roll it towards you.  I also pull back on the husk when it's almost sealed all the way around so it melds together so to speak.  Then tuck the skinny end underneath and voila!

Cook Tamales

I used a steamer and 2 colanders that I snuggly fit the tamales in so the were a tight fit.  Put them in a big pot with water and the broth at boiling temperature.  Put a lid on and steam over medium low for 2 hours.  Then let cool and I freeze these bad boys for 6 months.  You can pull out however many you need at a time and microwave a tamale 1 minute in the microwave and top with Tabasco.

Oh my, these are so stinking good.  Time consuming: yes, worth it: yes.

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