Lunchbox Eats, Memphis

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lunchbox Eats, Memphis
(with a view of the close neighbor FedEx Forum)

Holy Moly, I cut my Turkey Burger in half here,
look at the delicious thang with all her fresh spinach
and bun that was cornbread, how inventive!

My plate before I cut it open...that bag had Eggplant served
with Chipolte Sauce...I ordered two sides served in mini
cast iron skillets....DELISH, I say, DELISH!

A view from our table..there is a bar down the middle and I
loved having CNN on to refresh me on the
day's news and topics

A view from the street, it's just 1/2 a block south of Beale

Our 4th 8 mile Hill and Dale at Shelby Meeman State Park

I'd guess there was 200 peeps entered.  It was a great morning
for the trail run and I can report that my orthopedic doctor
fixed my ailing knees with my p90x therapy (and 2 advils)
Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh lord I need to thank Kim Harwood, my Memphis dog show contact, for her recommendation of this restaurant.  The Lunchbox Eats opened in the fall of 2010 and it's taken me a year to get down there and try it and I'm telling you, it did not disappoint.  It was great but empty at 1 pm when we arrived.  But we had a wonderful young lady serving us that was great and attentive.  You order off the menu which is printed on school book paper and turn in a card to the chef in the kitchen.  Martin and I both agreed it had a great concept and the food was awesome.

So for lunch, I ordered the Turkey Burger filled with cheese and it's buns were cornbread disks.  It had a wonderful sauce and topped withspinach.  I ordered 3 sides to split with Martin and Jackie but I failed to ask the portion size because they were each $2.99 and I thought it could feed the table but I was wrong on that.  But the Sweet Hash was my favorite that boasted sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, celery and onions cooked to golden brown.  Stop the was awesome and I couldn't stop eating it out of it's cute little cast iron skillet.  And that skilled couldn't hold more, than I'd say, a 1/2 cup of goodness.   I also ordered golden (Fried) chickpeas and the fried Eggplant with chipolte sauce that the boys said was awesome.

Jackie got two specials, of which you must look at the chalkboard to see them, which were the Scallop Sliders and the Duck and Andouille Gumbo.  He loved them both.  The Sliders were 3 mini sandwiches with one scallop, sauce and arugula.  The gumbo was good and dark, just the way I like it.  Martin ordered one of the best sandwiches I'd ever seen, the Smoking Bird Sandwich.  It is duck, turkey and chicken smoked and pulled on Texas toast and veggie slaw with bbq sauce.  That thang looked so good I was dying to get a bite but I didn't.  The boys shared my 3 sides and overall we loved the lunch.

I must say, it's such a great place downtown that EVERYONE should try it for lunch.  They are open Monday-Saturday for lunch and dinner only on Saturdays.  I loved this find and it was perfect as we all needed to replenish our systems after the 8 Mile Hill and Dale trail run at Shelby Meeman Park in Frayser.  We've done that run for about 4 years and this was the first one that I didn't feel like puking after and it was finally above 32 degrees which also made it a nice day for a trail run.  And it was good for all of us as Jackie and I are entered in my 5th Little Rock half marathon and Martin's first full marathon this year.

Oh and for dessert, I ordered a to go Rum Cake for Kara and the Sweet Potato Poundcake for me. Kara loved the Rum Cake and I loved the poundcake, I just love making poundcake and this one was divine and it was packed for to go which is a nice touch.

One thing I should mention about Lunchbox Eats is our ticket was rung up wrong.  I ordered a diet coke and boys ordered teas.  Our waitress mentioned that when I ordered the diet coke that it would be out of the can and cost $1.  We were charged for three teas at $2.39.  Overall our lunch for 3 was $68.43 and I loved, loved the service, quality of food and eclectic restaurant feel.  You must, must try this lunch place, it makes me wanna eat lunch in downtown Memphis Monday thru Friday!

Oh and they don't serve beer but it says on the menu you can BYOB!  Enjoy!

Lunchbox Eats, 288 s. 4th, Memphis, 901-526-0820.  They don't have a website but they are on Urbanspoon and this one shows their menu at

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