Central BBQ, Memphis

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's said that Central BBQ is rated #1 on the
pork sandwich year after year...

Jackie ordered the BBQ plate with greens and beans...Delish!

I had the famous pork BBQ sandwich with their homemade
chips...look at that one next to that sandwich...delicious
with the Ghost River IPA...yum!
Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well it's official...I love some Sunday afternoon barbecue.  We were heading through Memphis today at lunchtime and after I offered up 4 ideas for lunch, Jackie suggested Central BBQ.  Well, I'm hooked.  When we arrived it was noonish and the place was filling up, in fact it was packed inside and the patio was getting there.  I was thankful for the long line in front of us, which is not often, so I had time to really weigh the menu options.  Jackie ordered the BBQ plate which comes with Texas toast and 2 sides, he picked beans and greens, no pun intended.  Thankfully he shared those sides and lemme tell you those greens with the homemade vinegar barbecue sauce, were delish I tell you and I could have had a bowl instead of a 2 oz. cup like he had.  It inspires me to make up some kale that I have this week....hmmm...

I was back and forth on the chicken or pork and decided on the pork since the menu said it was rated #1 again...and it was perfection.  We sat at a nice table outside on the deck which faces Central Ave.  I thought the traffic would be a noise maker but it wasn't at all.  In fact, there were lots of people walking up and down Central during the noon hour.  Jackie got the silverware and drinks from inside, he also brought back 3 sides of the hot bbq sauce and I used all three for my pork (I scooted the bun off to the side since I knew the sugar in the sauce and fat in the meat would send my blood sugar reading off the chart) and it was smoky and hot but not off the charts.  I added their homemade chips as my side to the sandwich that are seasoned to perfection. I looked online but couldn't find the recipe, it seemed like course salt with some of their BBQ seasoning but I'm not sure.  For the record, there was nothing left on my plate but the bun.seriously.

I am sad that I have driven past this Memphis original restaurant for 15 years now.  It's right on the way to the Cooper Young area as well as the Liberty Bowl and on the way to Midtown.  I'm hooked on Central Barbecue.  Keep in mind that they have catering and an online store where you can have any of their family packs or seasoning shipped to anywhere in the United States (but PO Boxes, duh!).  I think it's a great holiday gift, just saying.  Check out Central Barbecue next time you're in the neighborhood, don't drive by, stop in, you won't be disappointed!

PS Central BBQ is also a Certified Green Fork Project too! :)

Central Barbeque, 2249 Central, Memphis 901-272-9377 (this is just one of three locations in Memphis)
Someone abandoned 4 kittens and 2 momma cats on the
front porch of the clinic last week....

We let Chloe pick one out and Whit and Stella did too...
he is very, very playful and should (should) make a good

This is Zipper...now we have a B (biscuit), a G (gumball) and
now a Z....


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