Red Fish Grill, New Orleans

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This maybe dark, but under that bright light is the sign for
the Red Fish Grill on Bourbon between Canal and Iberville

Holy Smokes...the BBQ Oysters are a must at the Red Fish

A shot of Jackson Square

After the Red Fish, Jackie and I went to Old Absinthe House
and there was a parade down Bourbon Street

I cannot believe I got a photo of the actual Absinthe drink
being made at Old Absinthe's made by lighting
a sugar cube over a glass while pouring Absinthe.  NO
we did NOT order one of these but Jackie has before and
it tastes like licorice...totally nasty!  Old Absinthe House
is one of Jackie's favorite bars on Bourbon since we met
Mom and Gary down there for the 2004 Sugar Bowl where
LSU whooped the Sooners 21-7.  And I have to comment
here that I have never, I mean, never seen college football
fans act as badly as the LSU Tiger fans.  They were a
bunch of drunks and they were rude, crude and
socially unacceptable.period.
Friday, December 7,2012

Jackie and I have been to the Red Fish Grill now for about 5 years.  It's an easy walk from the Westin Hotel on Canal.  This year we had lunch and a late night snack at the Fred Brennan's restaurant.  The Red Fish always delivers great friendly service which we had at both visits to the bar.  For lunch, I had the Salmon Club over homemade wheat bread with arugula and bacon.  It was so good and served with penne pasta salad with capers.  Jackie had a dozen oysters that were huge, the biggest oysters we've ever seen.ever.  When we made it back to Red Fish Grill after the reception for the levee board, we had the most delicious BBQ oysters with Crystal Hot Sauce and homemade blue cheese dressing.  I have to admit I don't like to do repeaters while in the Big Easy, but we were not interested at all in waiting in the 25 person line at either Acme or Felix's at that hour on Bourbon Street.  The oysters were crunchy and perfectly fried.  Jackie had his traditional Abita Christmas Ale and I enjoyed a class of Louis Martini Cab.

Make a reservation for dinner at the Red Fish Grill if you want a table.  Jackie and I enjoy the casualness of the bar and attentive waitstaff and you can seat yourself in there.  And the ladies room was in perfect shape.  Check out their website!

Red Fish Grill, 115 Bourbon Street, New Orleans 504-598-1200

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