May, is our birthday month and supposed to be easy but...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yep, we rode again with Tyler last Sunday.  He's always
willing to take us on a trail ride.

This young palomino is a biter.  He stood in the corner by the
waterer and was biting fellow horses across....that's a stinker I say!

I got his nose while trying to get a shot of his handsomeness

Chloe's a good horseman...she's looking for traffic
(She's on Otis who I rode the last time)

Here's Blue all perky cause we're about to take off

Tyler rode Nine and took along his roping horse as a pony
horse for exercise....

I held his roping horse while Tyler calmed down Nine who
was in heat and bucked like all get out with his "pony"
horse all next to her.  He rode her around to let her relax
and it worked beautifully.

This is almost to Kara and Martin's house.  Yep, she's
holding onto that horn but Tyler's got her steering with
the left hand in case she ever wants to rope.

For Chloe and I's birthday, Jackie got us a camera.  This
is one Chloe took of Gumball.  He drives me nuts. Nuts.

Another Chloe shot

For Chloe's third birthday celebration, she had her BFF
Bailey Bigger spend the night and I took them out to see
Memaw and Grandad's farm...I let Chloe drive half way up the
gravel road while Bailey drove Memaw's tractor, what a thrill!
And my mother came from Little Rock after Saturday's bike
ride for a 4th party and a delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream
cake and presents, it made for a great Saturday!

Here's Bailey driving with Memaw, she loved it!
Here's her second party with Whit and Stella.  They couldn't
come to the first one on her birthday because August had
a baseball game.

Chloe's handy photography

Anyone know what might be in that?  Chloe loves photography
Hornet? Bugs? Termites??? :)

Bailey holding one of a dozen rabbits....

 He's cute or is it a she?

Grandad got some turkeys and those jokers got big. Here
they are strutting.  If they hear voices they go to town
gobbling, it's hilarious and I told Memaw that it should
be her ringtone...:)

She said this joker is the only turkey that
attacks Grandad.  No one knows why!:)

Chloe made a movie of it with her IPad

That's Cutie, a pony Chloe used to ride

Here they are with Rosie.  She looks beautiful.
  We plan to go over there on Wednesdays and
ride her and Sonyador.  

Another photo from Chloe of Dr. Calico

Good Wednesday morning!  After the wind and thunderstorms
last night, one of Winnie Bob's Red Bud Trees went down.
Luckily, I had already asked Memaw to help me cut some stuff back
in the yard today but we had to handle this first.  She and I
worked for about an hour splitting up the tree and dragging it.
A HUGE shout out to Memaw who has helped us with our yard.
It's overwhelming...she and I always joke about looking at it
like grooming a matted dog, one leg at a time.
I couldn't do this yard without her. period.
That's Fred with his chain can see we split it in two
by chaining it with the truck...

Luckily, Fred and Tyler saw us when they let the horses out
and they generously came over with a chain saw and tractor
and helped get the big piece that we struggled with all
morning.  They cut it and Tyler hauled it off in about 4 loads.

This photo shows how far Memaw and I got with it,
I know, I wish I had a before shot but...we couldn't get her over
the brick that goes down the driveway but the cut it and
got it hauled off in more than half the time it would have
taken us.  I give them a shout out and I plan to take a poundcake
over there tonight!

Here's last Saturday's riders...Mark Pierce, Becca, Kyle, Jackie,
Neall, Jimmy, Kara, John David (on his first time with his
new, awesome Specialized Aliez bike) and Cecelia
Chloe's delicious cake by Cathy Helton
(first birthday party! :))
Here we are at JB's for Emily and Danny's farewell dinner.
We had a great time and in there, I caught my sinus
infection!! Probably not but my goodness I couldn't
stop sneezing!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yep I know.  I haven't cooked all month have I?  Well in actuality it's been an incredibly busy month.  And Monday's tornado in my hometown of Oklahoma City was unbelievable.  There were tornadoes Sunday in Shawnee and in Edmond where mom and Gary live. Thankfully, none of my family or friends have had to deal with either Sunday or Monday's tragedies.  I am so sad but I'm thankful that most Oklahomans know where to get if there's a tornado warming.  We were under a watch here Tuesday and it didn't phase me until Grandad asked me at the clinic late that afternoon who was picking up the kids.  I was but didn't think I needed to be in a hurry.  He said that parents of those children lost in the school Monday had wished they'd picked up early. I got them safely, it was a downpour with lots of lightning and we had a tree go down this morning.  We got only 1.6 inches of rain but the ground was soggy all morning.

We've been busy because it was my mom's birthday on the 8th, a going away party for the Neller's, Mother's Day in there (with my huge sinus infection), Chloe's week of parties, a bike ride last Saturday and throw in that we have termites and lost a huge tree after all of last nights' wind, means it's been busy!  So I have not been neglecting the kitchen, just ask Jackie and Chloe, but it's been a little overwhelming.  I'm supposed to host several high school good friends over the weekend with a Graceland trip, I can't wait.  Kara's hosting our annual Memorial Day bike ride and cookout Monday then we plan on gittin in that club pool.  The Gearhead Tri is less than a month away people!  I gotta get some swimming in (even tho I'm the worst swimmer ever.ever, I mean ever).

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