Memphis Recycling.....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 1, 2013

Here's what it looks like recycling under the I-40 bridge
 next to the Mississippi River, very clean!

Well, Happy Birthday to me!  I decided to spend part of my Wednesday birthday doing our yearly glass and aluminum can recycling and a few other errands while in Rome.  Well, I thought it was appropriate to take a few photos of the clinic glass recycling with mine under the I-40 bridge.  This is a crazy thing to say but it totally made my day doing it.  That FULL truck load took me only an hour to dump and break down the boxes and sacks.  I went on to do other errands while in Memphis and had an excellent birthday filled with texts and phone calls.  And thank GOD I took my birthdate off Facebook so I didn't get all those meaningless and meaningful messages.  It was so personal getting a text and a big thank you to all who did.  I got to talk to my mother in Oklahoma City, my dad in Tulsa, Leigh Anne in Dallas, Kara next door and many, many others.  Cheers to another year as a 24 year old...:)
These are the rules on the glass container....

I was told to exit the kitchen while Chloe and Jackie made me
 dinner and this is what I came back precious I'll say...

Thank goodness that 24 is such a young and easy age to
be this year...Chloe LOVED  picking out this cake and
picking out the candles....

I had Salmon on hand and Jackie and Chloe made a delicious
dinner with a salad, potato and cake...YUM and so special

Yep Chloe's still doing piano and I'm so thankful

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