Surf and Sand Resort, Laguna Beach, CA

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday, May 4, 2013

I am just back from a refreshing trip with one of my best friends Leigh Anne Cloud Haugh.  She needed a weekend away from mega town Dallas and luckily she invited me to split the weekend because I too needed a girls weekend.  Plus, it was my birthday weekend...and I never hesitate to celebrate being above ground.  The last time she and I went on a girls weekend was to Chicago in 2009 when we both decided I needed to color my gray roots and paint my toenails black.  While in CHICAGO that trip, I got to witness a purchase of Jimmy Choo's in a Jimmy Choo store (not a department store).  It was exceptional to say the least.  This year, it was all catching up being poolside and having some delicious food and good times.  A big thank you to Leigh Anne for coming up with the trip and looking forward to it and then getting to enjoy it.

I really loved the Sand and Surf resort.  It was ocean side, a boutique style hotel but open to the outdoors.  They served us a fine poolside lunch, great breakfast and poolside treats.  It is a low key hotel and totally worth checking into if you are headed to this side of LA.  And is not crazy expensive at all.

I can't explain blogger in the uploading sequence of photos...dang it.
Okay people, TRIPOD is ready for a home...that there
right leg will have to go so an inside home is preferable.
I love her, love her but don't have room for her....

Ahh the Sand and Surf Resort...pure heaven...I didn't
take but 2 photos during the weekend...this one is on
the way to the Orange County airport

It's so refreshing to come home to a garden that boasts's so stinking delicious fresh out of the garden...

Lucky and all her preciousness is in my heart already.  She
is just that awesome....another 3 weeks and she'll have some
hair I hope...SHE NEEDS A HOME :)

Winnie Bob left me such a legacy in the are the
azaleas Larry Lowman planted 20 years ago

Oh lala if only the broccoli will come on up...

My word the blooms on my strawberry plants
are so numerous this year

Here are the zucchini plants that came up from seed

It's official...I've had to start policing the ladies...these hungry
hippos show up at the dog food bowl in the carport to look
for kibble and to nearly lick (or peck) the bowls clean...
they act desperate but as you can see they are well fed

Yep there in the center is a bee that finally died.  I am SO
ALARMED by the dead bees in the yard this year.  I have
some every year but I think this is a critical year.  Is
it just the pesticides in the surrounding fields or what?

Chloe cracks me up
Can you believe this picture taker
only got this photo of us all weekend?
I guess it's because of all the lounging
we was a totally relaxing weekend

My welcome back to town is this
mangy dog that I named Lucky.
She's about 10 weeks with a
wonderful quality about her.  When
she scratches herself, she whines
almost uncontrollably.  She's super, duper
sweet....I think she'll look a lot better after
3 mange baths.  And THEN Chloe can get
her hands on her to start the leash
training.... Shame on the person that
abandoned her in the country.
She got her first dip today.
She's a keeper I tell you!
(NO, we are NOT keeping her!! :))
Jackie texted this photo to says Ft. Smith...1) eating
candy without chloe's permission is illegal 2) any fights will
get you exiled 3) sing the national anthem at every meal and
below is Breaking a law, you will be fined $5, Any bad words are
fined $5, Refusing to do Chloe's word is $10 and if you
refuse to do something you will have a debt if you do not
pay by due date, you will be referred to mom and Ft. Smith
is not responsible for any injuries.  And she didn't invite East
Birdeye to come over....good lord!

Leigh Anne and I had a delicious
breakfast at the hotel and took this
shot and sent it to Jackie to remind
him that we would be watching the race
from Orange County :)

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