Update on Fosters, Birdeye

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This beautiful lady is Tripod and is up for adoption.  She was an
excellent mother.  She'll get her leg amputated soon and spayed
and then will be ready for a forever home.  She was abandoned with
her four babies in April in Earle.  She has an old injury in her right front
paw.  She's ideal as an inside cat.  She's independent and
doesn't require a lot of attention (thank God).  Her babies all have homes thankfully!
Lucky has been with us now for 3 weeks.  She came to us with the sarcoptic
mange, tons of fleas and was skinny...now her hair is back and she's fat and
sassy.  She's a wonderful, loyal dog who's learned to not jump up on anyone and
Chloe's starting the leash training.  Her personality is submissive and loyal.
She doesn't dig up the yard or bark a bunch either. She's great with
children and cats.  I love her but we can't keep the fosters!

This is Tuesday...she was abandoned at the Birdeye Store
last summer.  What a life!!  She lives in New England was adopted
 from PAWS of Marion to a group up there
Tuesday looks like a full blooded lab here....she was a chicken
murderer (she killed one of my favorite, brown
egg layers last summer).  Who can tell that this
beautiful lady was a chicken killer? :)
Chance was brought into the clinic during the Christmas
Break after being rescued off I-55 in Marion.  He looks
like he's made himself at home in the northeast....
Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thought I'd post some dog photos that have come in.  I haven't heard from Pointer that went to Maine last summer.  Junior is in West Memphis, Dixie's in Wynne and the kittens are all over Cross County.  Spay and neuter people! :)

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