4th of July, Edmond

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I got this shot of Chloe pulling Biscuit and foster dog Trixie
the night before we went to OKC for a quick 4th of July trip

Trixie is a pretty good dog!

Chloe took this on our way to OKC Tuesday

Chloe and cousin Audrey...those two crazies made like
5 different videos in 2 days....cracks me up.  If mom hadn't
gotten Chloe this red t-shirt she wouldn't have been
festive at all.  I really am the worst packer.

Mother and Gary had a really nice 4th of July
cookout...they had the tent up, the food out
and all organized.  Gary made the most
delicious hamburgers and mom had the spread
to go with it.

The girls somehow had Gary driving them around with Bob
in the golf cart....he was on that thing a long time!

On Mother's Day Sunday, the night before the Moore
tornado, there was one on Gary and mom's street in Edmond.
This is a shot of the house caddy corner across the street

Mom had the place decorated to a "t"

This is the other side of her next door neighbors house...
yep, very close

This is more across the street from their house

A view of their street

I let Chloe and and Audrey drive around the neighborhood.
Audrey was a much better backer-uper than Chloe....just sayin!

Sunday July 7, 2013

Chloe and I made a quick trip to OKC for the 4th of July.  We had a great time at mom and Gary's doing White Water on Wednesday, a cookout on Thursday and back to Birdeye early Friday.  Chloe's got some hilarious stories from the water park.  I'll get her to put them on her blog if she's speaking to me after this week at camp.  I didn't realize how close the tornado was to mom and Gary's that hit the night before the massive Moore tornado.  We had to pick up my niece Corie at Gary and mom's business near Moore, so we drove by it and it was moving, I'll put some photos up of it later on.  My advice is to have your plan if there is weather near you.  Our plan is to get in Chloe's bathtub and put the full size futon mattress over us.  Just make sure you have a plan to get in your fraidy hole if the need arises. :)

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