Chloe's 2nd Camp....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chloe and BFF Bailey, she's not squinting to
sneeze, to keep her tears from rolling

It's blurry but a good shot of the cabin, Bailey
up above....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Well, we just dropped Chloe off at Pinecrest Camp just outside of Memphis for the week.  She did great yesterday, in between saying she was being sent to prison camp and saying she didn't want to go.  But she helped pack her suitcase, I don't think we left anything out.  We sneaked some snacks in but not her cell phone that she really wanted to take.  The tears started when we got out of the car, when she saw Bailey, when I made her bed up in her air conditioned cabin with 6 other girls and camp counselor Lauren and when we left.  They were real.  I told the staff to just encourage her and give her a little slack.  Lauren made sure she didn't have her cell phone to contact me.  She said she'd call me if she needed to.  We'll see.  I feel worse this year about camp than last year when I dropped her off in Hot Springs, made her bed inside a cabin with 16 other girls and no air conditioning and an outside temperature in the shade of 102.  She cried last year but not like this year. may be a longer week for me than her.  I know camp is a good thing, confidence builder, etc but I'm not sure I made the right decision this year.  Keep her in your prayers.
:(  If you want to write her, email me

Here's the list she made a couple days ago:

1.      Go through one day without being homesick
2.     Dive to the bottom of a pond
3.     Ride a horse to a trot
4.     By a logo t-shirt
5.     Buy 5 pieces of candy
6.     Buy 10 pieces of candy
7.     Put my hair in a side braid
8.     Memorize a song
9.     Learn a new song
10.    Swim in a lake
11.     Shot a bulls eye in archery
12.    Find a really cool rock
13.    Make something cool in arts and crafts
14.    Meet a new friend
15.    Get a bed on the bottom bunk
16.   Get a matching t-shirt
17.    Sleep through a night fully
18.    Ride a horse 7 times
19.    Learn something new
20.   Swing on a tire swing
21.    Write a letter home without getting emotional
22.   Receive a letter without getting emotional
23.   Get a new camp story
24.   Try not to cry when I receive a letter from home


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