Crystal Bridges Museum, Bentonville

Sunday, July 7, 2013

After riding 6 miles on the Bentonville trails, we arrived at
the museum 

On the grounds of the North End Trail Entrance
was under construction where we got Chloe in
front of a huge open frame...we ended up having
to bike back to the main entrance

This here HOG was at the north end trail entrance when
Chloe had her near fall out...she was okay, just trying her thing

A view of the museum when you arrive

A blurry photo but a good one of the kinds of people that go

We had lunch at the museum, via Joy's recommendation and it
was outstanding and a must do when at the museum

Another view of the restaurant

Chloe had the chocolate cupcake, it was really good as was the tea

The wildflowers at the museum were wonderful

There was a large George Washington exhibit

Chloe's self portrait in front of a statue

This was amazing, it had real hair.  Artist is Duane Hanson, WOW!

A view of one of the exhibit halls.  It is such a
well done museum and to think, it's right up the
road in Bentonville not in New York.  Amazing!

The museum sits around the Crystal Spring that feeds the
museums ponds

Here's Chloe trying to slide down the handrail
at the museum's entrance

On Saturday when we were there, this exhibit opened and we
loved seeing Meza's name on the wall.  It was a wonderful
exhibit from the civil war to now of girls and how artists
have portrayed them over the years.

I loved this horse but didn't get a photo of the artist's name

I don't believe this photo made it on the other post of riding
bikes in Bentonville but this is Chloe doing a somewhat
technical mountain bike trail that she said nearly killed her :)

And yet another painting I didn't get a photo of the artist name

CoCo ready to head back to the hotel...:)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

If you haven't been to Crystal Bridges Museum, you must.  It is so wonderful in its architecture on the in and outside but the collection of American Art is outstanding.  It's such a gift from the Walton family to the state and region.  And Wal-Mart made a donation for free admission, that's enormous and amazing.  You'll see our photos of our tour of the museum, we had a wonderful time!  Get the Bentonville bike trails, Saturday Farmer's Market on the square and Crystal Bridges on your list of places to go!

Here's a link to the museum:

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