Happy Spring 2014, Birdeye

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Spring Ya'll!  I'm so glad to finally be able to change my background photo to blooms in the yard.  I know I've not posted a bunch on here but it's been busy as I have been to Oklahoma City three times to help mother after her surgery, throw in a half marathon, spring break, Chloe's broken arm, track practice and homework... I know this is nothing to those with multiple children but it's my reason I haven't gotten on here.

Here are some recent photos of Winnie Bob's yard (our yard).  I'm so thankful for the many types of daffodils and blooming trees.  The bees are out in force as well as the hummingbirds.  Bring on Spring!  I have the greens, onions, kale and herbs planted.  I am looking forward to getting the rest of the garden in the ground after Easter.  We always get a late freeze between Easter and May 1.
This is on the west side of the house facing the barn

Here's Eggs, Chloe's french chicken that immediately got
in a bed that I just planted onions in.  She likes a dust bath

This old tulip tree is right outside Chloe's west

Weeping Cherry Tree

The other view of Eggs.  I've probably mentioned this
before, this is the chicken Chloe's tamed and eats out
of her hand.  

Two of the types of daffodils back behind our fence
near the creek

I'm the proud maker of a compost pile.  Jeanie made the first
one you can see with metal stakes.  In desparation to use that
older pile, I went to the lumber yard and got wooden posts
to make another one with the compost from this year.  I've read
that it takes anywhere from 2 months to a year to get everything
to compost down.  That makes be keep turning the pile frequently.

Some of the flowers in my kitchen

I should have thought to get Chloe in this photo from
August's 4th birthday party.  Martin had Chloe taking
photos so he could send them in for the grant for the
Birdeye Fun Park (it's across from the Birdeye Store)

I bought Heddy, the foster, a 3 foot long rawhide but we let
Biscuit take the first lick, he looks crazed in his eyes because
he is...he's a freak about a chew bone

A goose from the Arkansas Post, an Arkansas museum that
is located south of us in Gillette, Ark.

Memaw and Grandad took Chloe to the Arkansas Post
Museum (at her request) during spring break
because they were reading about it in Arkansas history

We went to Oaklawn in Hot Springs this year for spring break.
Note to self, if you have intentions of staying at any hotel for
the swimming pool, it might be a good idea to check with them
and make sure it's open.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites (for
the pool not for the $179/per night) to swim but it was closed
because the weekend before a state choir convention filled the
hotel and either vomit or stool was found in the pool and shut it
down.  We were sad at first but I'm totally thankful since I wouldn't
want either vomit or diarrhea to come home...just saying

Whit, Chloe, Stella and August at Oaklawn (it rained after
the 5th race so we headed back to the hotel where we couldn't
swim, couldn't go play miniature golf or do anything but rent
a movie on the hotel room...it was fun though!)

Photo from the farm taken by Chloe

At the Arkansas Post Museum

From the Arkansas Post Museum
I couldn't believe this asparagus is coming up.
Asparagus out of the garden is so much
tastier than what you get in the grocery
store.  I don't have but a few at a time to harvest,
so there's usually not many to share.  I may have
to add more to the box this year.
I bought this fencing to cover my boxes while the spinach,
mesculin greens and romaine come up.  The ladies get in there
and peck away.  Jackie reported seeing those heifers on there
last week so I may have to do something else.  We'll see.
This box is 3 weeks after planting

The latest challenge at Birdeye are Chloe's chickens that she's
been hand feeding.  This was yesterday after school.  It's like
they are at the back door waiting on her.  With chickens comes
chicken POO so I've got to figure out how to handle this.
Look at Gumball on his pad watching them.  What to do...:)
Chloe was excited about getting this photo at the museum :)

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