Track Meet and Easter, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birdeye's new track star

It thrilled Chloe that her name was announced over the
microphone at the track meet.  She did the mile in a little
over 9 minutes (that's faster than me)
A great photo of Anna by Chloe

Chloe's quite the photographer

Owen...he is perfect

Another good one of Owen

Chloe gets the cutest photos of her cats...

After Easter lunch and a stellar Birdeye
Baseball game, the kids all went to the creek
(Chloe got some good shots)

Here's Walker...adorable!

Thanks to Beth Huff  for reminding me we
didn't get a group shot last year.. we got this
one at the last minute after the ballgame.
We had 37 over for lunch (Bob Hardin's the
photographer, thanks Bob!)

Chloe loved track.  I hope she does it again next year.
(she's in the back of this crowd)

Here are the Wynne Presbyterian junior high and high school
youth on Easter
I'm not sure why this photo is
so small (must be the compressing)
this is during the mile (1600 meters)

Chloe with Reece

Easter 2014

Another great photo by Chloe
Sunday, April 20, 2014

You'd think I haven't been cooking at all on this blog.  Chloe had her first and last track meet of the year last week.  I've shared some photos of that plus her latest foster dogs.  We had a busy weekend again, here's a run down of photos from the weekend.  (Most taken by Chloe).

We had 37 over for lunch today and then had a fun baseball game in the front yard.  I will post some garden and recipes soon, I promise!

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