Owen and Anna, Birdeye

Monday, April 14, 2014

Shannon's Beagle Anna

She's super duper sweet!

Owen, oh how sweet he his! 

He's a handsome fella
Sunday, April 13, 2014

The weather has been beautiful all weekend!!  It rained a bunch last night but my garden needed it.  I'm fostering a beagle named Anna for Shannon, a girl who works at the vet clinic with me.  She's a precious beagle mix (you realize when dogs come up you don't know what they really are but by her bark, I'm calling that thing a beagle).  Anna is SWEET, great with kids and cats and fine with chickens.  She's crate trained and an excellent listener.  I love her because she's not too needy (like Heddy was good God) and she's a quick learner.  She doesn't jump on you (like Heddy) or lick you (like Heddy).  She's about 24 lbs and won't grow much more.  (And Heddy's in a home in West Memphis thank goodness :))

Now to this gentleman who came up yesterday afternoon while I was working in the yard.  I was outside for 2 hours getting things in shape for our Easter lunch next Sunday.  The weather looks great for Easter and with about 29 people coming including 9 kids, we thought we'd host a baseball game to keep the kids outside.  Needless to say the yard needed some attention!  So I noticed back by the creek this little German Shepherd-y looking fella walking back and forth.  When I acknowledged him with sweet, "hey sweet boy, how are you cutie?", he rolled over on his back just like Gumball does.  After an hour of talking to him and feeding him (he wiped it out fast), I got a collar on him and put him in our isolation run.  I LOVE THIS guy and he reminds me so much of Gumball who's from a litter born at the Birdeye Store 3 years ago.  Way back, we sent Gummy's blood in for DNA testing and he came back German Shepherd dog and Retriever.  Obviously, Owen is a shepherd mix.  I think he's a first cousin to Gummy.  If I could just get my hands on the mother or father for spay/neuter I'd have it made...spay/neuter people!  Bonus: I kept him in a crate last night because of the storms and he didn't use it in there or bark one time :)

Spread the word on these two strays, they need a forever home!  And spay/neuter...

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