April Fool's Day 2016, Birdeye

Friday, April 8, 2016

Chloe wrote this in ketchup in Martin's office shower....LOL!  

This wasn't an April Fool's joke but she left this for me two Saturday's ago when I left for
work and left her a list of chores (as I always do)....she's got a great sense of humor

Kara did this... she put this up at the four way at Birdeye.  She spent a lot more than I did on her prank....And
she left this up until Tuesday of the next week.  THAT WAS a little EXTREME!  I got one phone call from a lady
on Monday (after it had been up since Friday morning).  The lady was laughing so hard when she said she wanted
a custom toilet from me....

Chloe put vaseline on every light switch and door handle in Martin's office....
We got Stan and Kyle, our two next door neighbors, with ketchup and vaseline....Chloe also wrote a note to Kyle and
put it in his desk that said, "welcome to the neighborhood".  She put vaseline on his coffee pot too....lol
Friday, April 1, 2016

Chloe and I've been planning pranks on Martin, Stan and Kyle for the last several weeks.  When we finally pranked him at his office on Thursday, we laughed so hard!  I plastic wrapped and duct taped his toilet, Chloe wrote in ketchup and we vaselined every handle, switch and the arms of his chairs in the office.  I had also planned to turn the power off but Jackie intervened and wouldn't let us turn the power off to the entire building.  WHATEVER Jackie, that would have been fun! We've got next year's prank ready....and it's better than me trying to give away his dog on the radio, stealing his truck and putting a for sale sign in his yard....get ready East Birdeye...

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