Easter 2016, Birdeye

Friday, April 8, 2016

Buddy provided snacks and water during the baseball game

I cannot take it that Chloe and I are both in heels and she's nearly as tall as Jackie

Chloe and August set this photo up because it's like one from 3 years ago in the exact same spot on Easter morning.
I''ll have to dig it out and do a comparison...

I had the kids turn and look....Stella then Austin, Trevor, Whit with his back to us and Eli Boone

With the Huff's out of town we had 26 come for this year's Easter lunch.....

I got a photo of Harmon giving the blessing.....it's a tradition that goes back to Jackie's great grandfather Bex Shaver

Somehow I got this shot of Harmon and Jimmie Barham

This table had some laughs...I cannot believe I got 12 around my dining room table
(Jackie, me and Polly sat in the living room with the kids)

Oh the infamous Easter Baseball game...here's August batting...thank GOD for the net that catches the balls!
Julie and Matt brought the net, bases, bats, balls and gloves, thank you!!

My Russian Egg Roulette game was a hit again...we give a dozen eggs, partially raw and partially hard cooked....

Austin Boone

Right after this, August got in Chloe's bathtub to wash his hair....I guess he probably should have just not played the game lol!

Bob Hardin (Kara's dad), Tyler and Mick Raffety

Another view of the prayer

Lots of fun

Eli is a really good baseball player, Stella's pitching

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Chloe had Buddy, the poodle, cart around snacks and water during the game
Sunday, March 27, 2016

We had a great time at church on Easter Sunday and then for our traditional Easter lunch afterwards.  Great food, family time and games made the day so fun.  And the weather held which was nice as it was supposed to rain all day and it never did!  A shout out to Jeanie, my mother-in-law, who always brings the ham and knows that there's a quiet competition between Polly, Kara's mom, and me for the ham bone.  Four years ago, we were cleaning up the kitchen and I see Polly bagging up Jeanie's ham bone to take with her back to Russellville and I literally just stopped and watched her...she didn't know that I love a ham bone for my navy beans I make in the winter.  She realized how sad I was and let me have the bone, thankfully.  So this year Jeanie found out you can buy ham bones at the Honey Ham store and got both Polly and I one.  THANK YOU JEANIE!!

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