August's 6th Birthday, Jonesboro and Santa Fe

Friday, April 8, 2016

I took Chloe and cousins Stella and Katie to see the Wynne High School play, "Little Mermaid" in March. It was a
fabulous play and the place was PACKED.  This was during intermission .....

So cute!  And Chloe's screen saver on her phone....:)

The youth choir at church did a spring was great

Whit (long blond curls) and my BFF's daughter Julia Shepherd (front row, long brown curls)
Katie Bradshaw, Stella, middle front row, and our pastor's daughter Lane Frances
(Those are flowers from Winnie Bob's yard, I had flowers that Sunday)

August at Sumo for his birthday party.  Kara makes the best cakes ever!
We then when to see Zootopia, it was a great movie!

August is so cute, DANG camera!


How I got this one is crazy!  Chloe eating cake with chopsticks goes to my
BFF Wendy in Chicago who taught her how to use chopsticks...
In Taos, New Mexico skiing.  Here's August, Stella, Chloe and Whit

We ate at Rancho De Chimayo on our way back from skiing in Taos the last day of the trip.  It was wonderful and
Jeanie and Harmon enjoyed it more especially since it was one of Winnie Bob and JH's favorite spots.

I love his excitement in this photo.....
March 22, 2016

Happy Birthday August!  My nephew is so stinking cute.  We enjoyed the many parties for him this year.  I threw in some extra photos from events recently on this post.  Next birthday up is Chloe in May and Stella in June.

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