Advada's Diner, Carlisle, Ark.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've just been told this fabulous diner is closed!!  Shoot, what a great place Mrs. Advada's was.  It will surely be missed.


Friday, November 27, 2009

This diner was recommended to me when Jackie bought me a road bike at Gearhead in Jonesboro back in June. The man who sold us the bike said his wife was from Carlisle, and he went on and on about this diner in Carlisle, Arkansas of all places. Since then, I have tried to hit this spot many times. We stumbled across it on our way from Wynne to see mother the day after Thanksgiving when Chloe announced, "I am starving, I'm about to die," we literally looked up and Carlisle was the next exit. With Jackie's Blackberry in hand, I Google mapped it and we found it, only 2 minutes off the interstate in Carlisle.

You'll find it a little off the road, located on a gravel parking lot at what looked like a barn that was transformed into a diner. When you enter the establishment, you'll order at the buffet counter that was empty the day we were there (pic #4). Chloe automatically wanted a grilled cheese and tator tots (pic #1), Jackie ordered a hamburger with onion rings (wow in pic #2) and I got the low fat Grilled Chicken sandwich with mustard (NO mayo) and french fries in case the tots and rings were bad. When we found a booth and got settled in, I noticed a local having a catfish platter with his of course I went back up to the counter and added 2 pieces of catfish for just a dollar each and boy was that a great decision on top of my original order.

The food is served on paper plates in a no frills way, which we loved, and served with ketchup and hot sauce if needed. The add-on catfish arrived just a minute later on the table and hot, hot, fresh. It was really, really good catfish (pic #3). One thing I haven't mentioned before is I do like to look around at the locals to see what else is being consumed when I order, they know best. And in the case of the catfish, they were right. That doesn't mean my chicken sandwich wasn't fabulous because it was really good and huge, by the way. Notice the amount of tator tots on Chloe's child-size order of a grilled cheese, amazing. We did haul the leftover tots to give Biscuit who rode along to Norman with us, and he reported they were great. Jackie's burger was over-the-top wonderful, fresh and cooked perfectly, super juicy. Our entire lunch cost less than $18 with two large teas and water for Chloe.

This is a fabulous stop right off I-40 between Little Rock and Forrest City. It is a must do when you can. Be sure to call for directions on the way so you don't get lost in downtown Carlisle. Their population is 2,362 by the way, but hard to find nonetheless.

They are also known for their made-to-order breakfast and lunch buffets. And the bathrooms were super clean.

Advada's Diner, 206 W.Park, Carlisle, Ark. 870-552-3424 Pic #5

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