Sooner Legends, Norman, Okla.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

OU-OSU annual Bedlam Shootout, OU shot OSU in the rear end 27-0!

After waiting three hours for the post-game traffic to get moving, yes I said three long hours, we were thrilled to head off to a restaurant. We waited in mother's RV after the game at the Lloyd Noble Arena and watched football games and Biscuit play with mom's Yorkies named Bob, the old man, and Jack, the new spit-fire. We literally thought we waited long enough for the horrible traffic to pass but we were wrong. We left the RV park at 5:00 p.m., hoping to see the LSU/Arkansas kick-off at 6 p.m., but we didn't get there till after 6 but of course, we hadn't missed anything. LSU had already scored I think, 10 to zero I'd say.

We were quickly seated in a booth, it was red and polyester like Johnnie's in OKC, but we were all together, nonetheless, which is what I wanted after leaving mother alone on Thanksgiving for the first time. Our wonderful waiter had to be 20 I'd say, but totally knew it all when we ordered. The menu was so interesting, mainly Barbecue or Mexican, how unique. They also offered lots of American cuisine like Cheese Fries, Buffalo Wings, Nachos, Onion Rings and the like. And much to my dismay, Jackie ordered the Beef Tips appetizer, yes, I did cringe, but they were good ribs, juicy and a nice change from the dry rub ribs we are used to in Memphis. Mother and I ordered enchiladas, mine the Fresh Spinach (pic #5 delish), which were served with a choice of refried beans or pinto beans and rice. I got the pinto beans and they were well flavored and was a refreshing side to this Mexican dish. The three delicious enchiladas were also served with a basket of homemade tortilla chips and the best salsa, very fresh with plenty of cilantro. I wish they had it jarred, I'd have brought it across the border. Mother loved her Chicken Enchiladas nearly finishing them too.

Jackie ordered the Smoked Turkey and Chopped Beef Brisket with sides of homemade fried okra, Texas toast and the pinto beans. That brisket was the best, most tender brisket I have ever had. I mean that. He finished the whole plate! The okra was really tasty and cooked just right, I've had okra burned before, yikes! Gary ordered the Remedy (pic #4). This dish featured a chicken breast smothered in queso and sauteed mushrooms. He had sides of potato salad, homemade cornbread and of course, the pinto beans. He liked it but I think he liked the name of his dish more.

Now to the kids menu. It had a lot to offer little tikes including a Brisket Sandwich, Grilled Cheese (of course Chloe ordered that), Chicken Strip and many others. She had her sandwich with a side homemade mac and cheese. It was so creamy and good. She refused to eat it because it was different than her Spongebob instant mac and cheese, shame, shame. Gary and I partook, of course.

Sooner Legend's is a family run restaurant that is perfect for watching a game and good home-cooked food. I hope to eat here again next time OU plays OSU at home over Thanksgiving in 2011. I hadn't mentioned all the paraphernalia, the restaurant was covered in autographed items like jerseys, balls, helmets and photographs. Mother said each room has a theme from an Oklahoma player. Take a look at the website and you'll see how nice the rooms are with pillow-top mattresses and Egyptian cotton sheets and the like. You can also buy paraphernalia at the checkout.

Sooner Legend's Inn and Restaurant, 1200 24th St. SW, Norman, Oklahoma 405-701-8100

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