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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kara and I arrived in New York City today and were like little girls on Christmas morning...we were so, so excited about being back in the city. We had dinner reservations with hometown celebrity, Ryan Lawson, who hooked us up with a sushi restaurant in West Village. After a short cab ride to the restaurant, we got in line outside the restaurant. We were dying of thirst and Kara needed some cough syrup for her whooping cough, so she headed to the CVS on the corner to get us fixed up. BTW, there is a Duane Reade or CVS on every corner I swear. We were at least 15 people back in line when Ryan joined us. It drove him crazy that we had to wait but we all agreed that if you're waiting in NYC for a restaurant, it's worth the wait. So we waited for an hour outside and it gave us time to catch up with Ryan and ask him all about Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Yes, he was invited to not only the wedding, but the rehearsal dinner and Sunday brunch.

We were seated by the window and Ryan made a comment that it's always good for a Japanese restaurant to be filled with Japanese patrons. We agreed because our journey began with a bowl of noodles, Ramen with soy sauce. Ryan had Saki, Kara and I orderd up Kirin beer. The noodles were unlike anything I had ever before. Ryan served us all a bowl and knew to give us the right amount of noodles and broth. And the three of us finished it off.

Now to the fun. Ryan, of course, knew what to order. Kara is a true sushi eater, I am just now into this type of food, so I prefer rolls. So under the sushi department, Ryan ordered the Katsuo Bonito, Maguro Tuna, Striped Jack Shima Aji and Tai Red Snapper. I will say, the Bonito and Striped Jack are seasonal east coast fish and I was forced to try both in small bites, and they were outstanding! I did have my own dipping bowl with plenty of soy sauce and wasabi. In the roll department, Ryan ordered up the Ebiten Shrimp, Tempura and Cucumber, Negi-Hamachi with yellow tail and jalapeno, Spicy Hotale with spicy scallop, cucumber and fish ore, Spikey Tekka which is spicy tuna and all our favorite the Ume-Shiso which is pickled plum and mint leaf. WOW! Yes, it was amazing. And by the end of our meal, a table of Spanish patrons with one translator were next to us ordering what Ryan suggested. Kara and I loved our first meal in the city. It's always wonderful to enjoy a meal, conversation and the city and people around you.

Only one hitch, the bathroom is co-ed but was in good shape with plenty of soap and a trash can by the door. You must, must try this truly authentic Japanese Sushi restaurant. After dinner, Ryan took us to his nearby apartment that also houses Robert Deniro. I kid you not, we saw the mailbox label. His apartment was on the 3rd floor that he shares with two others, both in MBA programs in New York. Kara and I checked out their bikes in the living room, not that I know that much about road bikes, but a little. We also got to check out Chelsea's wedding invitation. It was not like any other I've seen.

Later Ryan took us for a cocktail at the Pegu Club around the corner from his apartment. We had specialty cocktails and were glad we were with someone who knew where to sit and what to order. It wasn't your typical nightclub. It was high class. A big thank you to Ryan for the champagne he bought me and recommendation for lunch at Barney's the next day and our massages he lined up for us.

There's nothing like seeing New York with your own personal tour guide with class.

Tomoe Sushi, 172 Thompson, NYC, 212-777-9346 Between Bleecker and Houston St., AMEX or CASH ONLY

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