Mexico Joe's, Stillwater

Thursday, December 2, 2010

At the Eskimo Joe's tent before the game, it's Big Chief, Jackie,
 Martino, me, and Jeanie....yes, that's two OU fans vs. 3 OSU alumni, just sayin....

I had to take shots of the T. Boone Pickens Stadium (Good God...)

Mexico Joe's

I love this shot of the take home cups hung up...

The rough, uncut mountain bike trail near mother's house in Edmond

Catching my breath on the trail I took this picture.
Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bedlam, Bedlam.  Jackie and I've gone to this Oklahoma/Oklahoma State football game every year since forever.  It swaps from Stillwater to Norman every year and is always a good game.  Last year in Norman, OU killed OSU and it was an absolutely beautiful day.  But this year in Stillwater, it was cold and windy and the #13 Sooners beat the #9 Cowboys, 47-41.  Mother stayed at home with Chloe this year and Gary went deer hunting.  With all those extra tickets, mother and Gary generously shared with my Oklahoma State alumni in-laws.

It was after noon so Jackie and I ventured up the road to Stillwater via a new back way.  We were there in 40 minutes compared to the over an hour journey in games past.  We got to this Stillwater landmark after the lunch crowd at about 1:30 and were seated in the bar area near a big TV.  We were glad about the TV because that Arkansas/LSU game was about to be on.  Thankfully the Hogs put the smack down on LSU in Little Rock.

The complementary chips and salsa was on the table and we added some Coors Light and tea to it.  Martin joined us right as we sat down, he also bummed a ticket from mother (and BTW, this was the first time that I can remember my mother giving her tickets to an OSU fan, now that's impressive).  For lunch I had a hard time deciding between the Sonora Chicken Tacos, Chicken Fajitas, the Olde School Enchiladas or the Tamales.  With Jackie's guidance, I got the Sonora Chicken Tacos and added a chicken tamale with red and white cheese sauce.  The tacos come on hand made flour tortillas with grilled chicken, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes and Sonora sauce which is a ranch and avocado dressing and lemme tell you it was so good!  It's all served with rice and your choice of black beans, refried beans or you could substitute sweet potato or french fries.  Jackie and Martin got the same exact thing (which should be a crime in my book), Olde School Enchiladas and a taco with rice and beans, their favorite.  This is similar but not equivalent to our local Don Jose Mexican Restaurant's Speedy Gonzales that they have to specify they want rice AND beans not or beans, you gotta love it.

I really like Mexico Joe's and Chloe did too when two years ago when we dined there for the game.  It opened in this new location in 1993.  It's parent company is Eskimo Joe's, a hamburger dive and bar, is a few blocks from the football stadium and was voted the Best Post Game College Sports Bar in America. Now that's saying something in this part of the state, I mean really.

I added some pictures from the mountain bike trail just down the street from mother's.  It's an Edmond park and has 9 miles of trails.  We did the course this morning before the game, about an hour and a half.  Fun times!

Mexico Joe's, 311 E. Hall of Fame, Stillwater, 405-372-1169.  Check out their website

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