Starlight and Skype, Birdeye

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Gooch Man

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm thrilled to report that Skype and Starlight went to homes today!  I'm so excited for them and thrilled for the warm weather today to get their kennel run clean and ready for more fosters.  I hope everyone has their holiday shopping done!  It's here!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chloe and I rescued these two Birdeye strays two weeks ago.  I've been meaning to get them on Facebook but she hadn't named them yet and I wasn't sure they would live.  They are about 6-8 week old Beagle mixes from the Birdeye Store, just 1/2 mile from our house.  Chloe's named them Sype and Starlight.  Great names from our 4th grader!  The brother and sister should be around 15 lbs as adults.  Their mother is the sweetest, most submissive momma ever.  The little female is crate trained, the little brother couldn't hold it that first night probably due to all the worms they came with. 

Skype and Starlight, look at my big ole hand...

Biscuit and the Gooch duking it out...
I hope everyone will realize the benefits of spay/neuter.  It's a small investment in an animal that gives back many benefits like better behavior in males and eliminating uterine infections in females.  In both male and female, having the surgery done helps with the many unwanted litters that roam the countryside with disease and malnutrition.  Chloe loves animals and being a rescuer.  We rescued the Gooch Man, a domestic longhair Russian Blue kitten, that was surrendered at the clinic for euthanasia.  We found the four litter mates homes within a week, I just grabbed this one out of the cage and brought it home to CoCo.  It took her equal amount of time to name this little fella.  The Gooch spends quality time catting around.  He loves balls and string.  His favorite toy though is a little, plastic green tree that came from a plastic animal set.  He grabs it, bats it, rolls around on the floor with it and attacks it.  He also spends his time jumping on Biscuit's back and playing chase and hide and seek with him.  Biscuit seems to enjoy the Gooch.  TuJague, my 12 year old show dog, totally ignores him except when the Gooch bites his tail when he's sleeping. 

Let's spay/neuter people!  It's a small investment but one that will leave a legacy and hopefully, eventually, make a difference in our animal population right here.

I added a picture from Chloe harvesting her carrots.  It's amazing that my garden is still producing after Thanksgiving!

They are so sweet!

Chloe's carrots are ready for harvest.  She planted them back in April
My poblanos and tomatoes are still coming on!
The Gooch

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