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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chuckman, about 12 weeks, a lab mix...he's the longest of the
brothers, long like a basset hound

Matchie...aka Munchkin...the tallest and lankiest
of the brothers...both are totally trainable and excellent
listeners....they love to snuggle with each other...and
steal each others toys....
Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chuckman and Matchie:

Well it's about time I blogged again about all the stray dogs around here!  lol!  These are the two of the latest strays....here is Chuckman and Matchie, brothers that are about 12 weeks old, totally vetted and great listeners. They are leash  trained and are being trained to shake and roll over by our 10 year old.  The strays are a family project as well as a neighborhood project.  Spaying and neutering are excellent investments in your community in helping unwanted litters, males roaming and fighting as well as helping with testicular cancer, uterine infections and breast cancer.  If you have a forever home for one of these precious 3 month olds, just let me know!  Happy Holidays Ya'll!  Oh, and pets are never a good gift idea.  Chloe dressed them in Christmas garb because she's ready for the holidays! :)

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