Jimmy and Beth's Wedding, Birdeye

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What a beautiful bride!  With flower girl, Stella

Benton and Alexis
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hats off to Martin and Kara who graciously opened their home for a family wedding.  Jimmy and Beth, members of our BBC cycling club, asked to get married in their historic home and Martin and Kara said yes, of course!  There was a TON of planning, cleaning, electricity put in, tents, signs, a fabulous caterer, a wonderful cake, a legendary band and many more things that made the wedding unprecedented.  It was a wedding on my top 5 list and I'd say 2nd to LB and Jessica Vaught's wedding in 1998.  Now that is saying something!  Everything was planned to a "t" and it was wonderful.  I took lots of photos and Chloe took a video until my battery died.  Here are some pictures!  For the record:  Caterer was Fabulous Foods, Helen McClain, band was the Memphis Soul Revue, and I'm not sure who did the cake or flowers but I'm telling you it was the bomb.com!  Here are the photos....:)  I can also add that I had a top 5 list that later grew to a top 10....I'm putting that out there for the usual suspects....:)


Those flowers were amazing..this is Kara's
dining room....the food was so delicious
Beth, Kara, Alexis, Me and Lashun...the night is just beginning...

There were about 200 guests invited to the outdoor wedding

Alexis and I always catch up where we leave off...

Oh and there was a Kids Marathon that morning....
Jackie, Stan and Martin all ran the 1/2 (Jackie got a
trophy in his age group.....wow!)

Beth, her sister and her friends from home and Ole Miss!!
What's the name of that song, "Hoddy Toddy?"
Stella, Chloe and Whit on the 2nd level

Look at Chloe's pink boots...:)

Outside before the wedding with Whit and Michael Huff, JR

My community leader Kim Brown with new FIANCE David...
Can't wait for the details of their wedding....:)

Chloe's camera had another focus problem but here we
are on the dance floor...fun, fun!!

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