Felicia Suzanne's Kitchen Table, Memphis

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Felicia's kitchen wall...I love that hat up there
and I'm sad I didn't ask her who that soccer
picture was...I'll have to tell ya'll if I find out

I can't believe I took so many photos....here we all are for
Benton's 37th birthday...with Chef Felicia

One of our entrees that we loved....

Alexis is always decked out....

Yet another photo...:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birfday Benton!  Alexis did a great job of planning Benton's birthday by getting the chef's table at Felicia Suzanne's.  We all enjoyed seeing Felicia Willett (Jonesboro) again and catching up about one of the infamous times Jackie and LB dined at her bar alone...I have no idea where the rest of us were but I believe they were cut off...I'll leave the rest to your imagination...

Ok so we had a WONDERFUL waiter that took great care of us.  Benton did all the wine ordering and I believe there were multiple bottles of red being poured throughout the evening.  If you notice that Alexis had champagne...she said it's cause it helps with her head in the morning! I love it.

Ok...so Felicia's menu is one of my all time favorites.  For this special occasion dinner, I ordered the Pepper Crusted Wild Salmon with sweet corn etouffee and tomato jam.  I did it again, I licked the plate clean.  I mean seriously!  It was so darn good, I was finished first of the birthday dinner guests.  Kara had the special that boasted Redfish with an arugula salad that she liked but couldn't finish.  I should have finished hers!

Dessert featured a chocolate birthday cake for Benton and Kara had the peppermint ice cream dessert.  She was trying to buy some of the ice cream as we were leaving but ended up empty handed, she cracks me up!  The coffee was great, hot and strong, just the way I like it.

You'll love Felicia's attentive waitstaff, excellent and creative food and I love the modern but easy atmosphere in the restaurant.  In the kitchen, it was like eating at home with a paid waitstaff.  I did check out the ladies room, as always, and found it in perfect shape with lots of Aveda products and the waist can by the door.  Make a reservation and bring your appetite and you'll find that Felicia's delivers wonderful, southern food and hospitality.  You won't be disappointed!

Felicia Suzanne's, 80 Monroe, Memphis, 901-523-0877 www.feliciasuzanne.com

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