P90X2, Birdeye

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is one of the 9 discs that come with p90X2.  It's a great
workout on every disc.  One thing is that you have to have a
ton of equipment like that there stability ball, foam roller,
pull up assist/bar and push up bars

Yep...that's Tony Holder doing the swimmers press in a half
chair...it's hard but it's always worth it :)

They love to try and taunt people that do p90X2 with these
shots of ripped abs...it cracks me up every time!
Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well I thought I'd let ya'll know a little about p90x2...it's a great workout but you do need to be in some sort of shape when you start it.  I got p90x 2 years ago and have loved it, my fabulous sister-in-law Kara got me Insanity for Christmas last year and then I got this, this year.  I love all these workouts and attribute p90X to my legs getting stronger and finishing the Little Rock Half this past March with no knee pain.  Insanity is an excellent aerobic challenge that is not to be taken lightly.  It's TOUGH and I love it.  p90x2 takes it to the next level I tell ya...we've got reservations for the Little Rock Half Marathon already (that's the earliest I believe ever that we've done that)...Let the training begin!

For p90X2 people, you've gotta have weights (like the first p90X), a stability ball, foam roller, medicine balls (I use push up bars and the other low impact technique they'll show you), towels, a pull up bar (and I just got in the chin up assist and the little fella works like a dream), water and a HUGE pause button in case you need to take a breather.  Which is similar to Insanity, which will make the best athlete take a breather.

But I have to plug the FOAM ROLLER...what the heck is that foamy thang anyway?  Well it's a wonderful way to loosen up muscles that are stiff and it totally helps with mobility and recovery when out and about and doing daily chores.  And the recovery/mobility dvd in both p90X sets are excellent for re-cooping after any foot race or long agility trial or whatever you do to extend yourself.  I love both the Stretch and Recovery/Mobility DVD's.  They are worth it on that sore Monday morning after that first ever long race or whatever you do that puts you over the edge.

Well whatever the case, I love some p90X or p90X2 and Insanity.  All of them are good for me, even insulin dependent as I am, and have only done some half marathons and never a full marathon or a 100 mile bike ride.  I certainly hope at some point that I'll challenge this 5 foot, pudgy body to do it.  We'll see.  Sherry Rodgers in Wynne is considering a full 26 miles.  We'll see. I think I'll need to change my eating habits, I'm a horrible left over person and know I can cut calories by eating less.  But you all know I LOVE to cook!  And it is what is is! :)

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