Midsouth Kids Marathon, Wynne

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Coach McDonald had each grade line up to get warmed up
Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012

I'm so excited about this year's kids marathon.  It was our 3rd one and the biggest for sign ups.  I was busy this week for the first year, with last minute sign ups.  Parents that had been logging miles and realized this last week that they hadn't signed up.  I had ordered 125 medals for the 125 that had signed up...thankfully Amy Hood, president of the PTA, suggested that I take a head count because we always have no shows and we did.  I give her the credit for thinking of this approach.  So we were able to have 133 sign up.

It was a fun day...parents and teachers all came out and ran the final mile of the marathon.  Kids logged at home the previous 25 miles before today.  I think it's a great way to get kids active and realizing too that they can set a goal, achieve it and enjoy it most importantly.  Chloe said recently that she wanted to be a long distance runner and wants to run track next year.  I'm excited to hear this.  It's so easy, just a pair of shoes is all you really need.  A GIANT SHOUT OUT and THANKS to the countless volunteers, teachers, coaches, parents and friends that helped support the kids marathon and made it a safe event for the kids.  We couldn't do an event like this without everyone's participation, a million thanks!

We're excited to also give both our school districts back their entry fee as I raised money from businesses to buy the medals, tshirts and bibs.  Thank you businesses:
Wynne Apothecary
Wynne Medical Clinic
Shaver and Smith
Cross County Veterinary Clinic
Crowley's Ridge Therapies
Puryear/Jackson Family Denistry
Circle N Exxon
Wynne Medical Pharmacy
Caldwell Discount Drug
Childers/Jackson Family Eye Care
Stricklin Plumbing
Farm Bureau

This was Chloe's last year to do the Kids Marathon, I'm sad about that!!  Happy Running! :)
They were all so cute and FIRED up for the 1.2 mile

Here's a photo of the Wynne Intermediate teachers and staff
That's Coach McDonald down front, he did a great job
getting it all organized and getting the kids pumped up!

2nd Grade went first and they were PUMPED!

3rd grade was fast too...
Here are Bailey Bigger, Chloe Smith, Canon Fisher,
Maggie Millerand Chloe Thornhill. They are GROWING UP!!!

I had my camera out on the course but didn't take any shots....

These two pick up where the leave off...so cute!

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