Easter 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Yippee!  The Teddy-a-nator is going to New Hampshire
next week....Chloe took this Saturday of him

I cannot believe I only got a handful of photos from
Easter!  It was probably because we had lunch for 31
people after church

Chloe loves photography...

Here's the crew....August, Trevor, Chloe, Stella, Whit
Eli and Austin...this is during the egg toss where everyone
got a water gun and they had a ball running around the yard

When we got the place put up and packed up, Chloe
took Biscuit for a spin...

He loves to ride in this apparatus...

Some of Winnie Bob's daffodils that I used for a table

Me and Beth Huff...She's due April 8 but claims it'll be late
April!  Surely not!!

The Easter Bunny brought Biscuit some treats too...

August found Chloe's Easter
basket during lunch....I love his
bow tie

Here's Jim and Jimmie Barham, Bonnie Sue, Beth, Kara
Martin and Jimmy

Whit brought over some volunteer Turnips to sell and Chloe
had the idea to use her wipe boards to try and sell them
as cars went by...who knows what all the drivers thought!

The Tulip tree on the west side of the house

King Biscuit...photo by Chloe

Gumball, it's a love/hate relationship that I have with him...

Dr. Calico tolerated Chloe dressing him...he actually wore
this dress most of the night

Chloe's self portrait with her beloved dogs
Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter ya'll!  We had a great time today even though Chloe announced that her basket was boring....what?  But church was a ball, we took Julia Shepherd with us and the service was excellent, we had Dr. Rev. Bill Branch who is such a delight.  Then we had the whole crew over for lunch and it was a great time.  It rained during church but then it was a nice afternoon, the kids played most of the afternoon outside.  Lunch was great, everyone brought things and people lingered until 4 pm.  We had a good laugh when Bob and Polly were leaving and Jeanie offered her the ham bone.  For those that know me, I love a ham bone. Not to gnaw on it but to put it in the freezer to season Navy Beans.  And Polly took the one from Christmas lunch so I felt like I was next in line for the ham bone...I kinda looked down and pouted when Polly was THRILLED and needless to say excited about getting Jeanie's ham bone....well thankfully Polly gave it to me (thank GOD)...she did mention that she got the last one.  And she did. I was more than happy to take it.

It was a great time socializing with family and having Bill and Liz there and their friends from Houston.

I'm looking forward to a couple more weeks of daffodils and then getting my zinnia's in the flower bed.  Happy Spring ya'll!
Chloe took this one to DRIVE ME NUTS!  She knows it
makes me a nervous wreck when she climbs up a tree...
See how far she is up there taking a photo of Gumball.
I think we'll be having a talk tonight....

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