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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This was our cycling crew Saturday, Chloe took the photo
New BBC riders Jerry & Melissa Harvey, Joy, Kyle (with his
hands up) Beth, Stan, me, Jackie, Johnny and Beverly
Edwards, Cecelia, Kara, Martin, Lisa and Chuck Blanton
We rode about 25 miles and it was a lot of fun

I picked up Friday, this is after a Sonic trip at the park
Whit loves their BLT with mayonnaise, cracks me up, Stella
and Chloe
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Well today was just beautiful wasn't it?  I spent 5 hours in the yard today finishing up in the vegetable garden.  It is always a labor of love but for the first time EVER, I had the soil and compost I needed, covers for the beds and plenty of seeds and for some crazy reason, a lot of patience.  I am usually in such a hurry because I have such a list to conquer that I get all mad at all the work.  But I started a week ago, then worked again on Saturday and finished up today.  In other words, pacing yourself goes a long way.  I've added some extra photos of Chloe and cousins Whit and Stella for extra fun.  I hope for being able to get on top of the pests and plant eating bugs earlier this year because I have big plans for fruit this year.  Bigger than ever before and I cannot really say why.  I've got my Seven Dust stocked and my Roundup.  Just sayin.

I'm looking forward to spending time with Ben and Mary Margaret this weekend (they're facing a rough surgery in a little while), catching up with the Spidell's in Colorado (she is facing chemo and reconstruction) and Stephanie from home (AJ's rejecting her kidney).  Yes, heavy stuff but these friends are really on my mind and on my prayer list.  (I wish I could figure out Blogger when I add photos...)

I had to take a photo of the bed I have that has 3/4
strawberries in it...I usually can pick in late June but I haven't
gotten a ton of berries at one time, usually a few to just eat
in your hand right off the vine.  I'll have to continue to
rely on the Augusta/McCrory strawberries

5 of my 7 beds...Yes because of Jackie and Chloe's dog,
the Gumball-a-nator and other fosters who I will not name,
dig up all my work (and the fact that you all have seen
what the chickens do in my garden) this year I decided to
cover them with chicken wire for the first time.  I will
have to report back if it works....

Look at the telephone pole, there's one of the
girls roosting in the dirt taking a dust bath,
thankfully there and not in one of my beds...
I planted this bed with three rows of potatoes and two rows
of squash.....Come on sun, rain and patience....

Looky there....that asparagus really wanted
some sun...

This is a bed I planted 5 hills of cucumbers so Joy and I
can do some pickling this summer.  I am forever grateful
that she shared some extra jars of our last summers effort!
I have only one pint left, they were so darn great!
More park fun....
We had 13 kids during Children's Church Sunday with
the wonderful Rev. Anne Hagler from Memphis

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