Trail Riding in Birdeye

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chloe with Pudge, she's a mare and 18 and a gentle giant

The beauty of being with Tyler is that he's a teacher from
start to finish, helping Chloe with her reins and stopping etc.

Here we are at the Johnston house on the corner.  This was
taken after many a galloping freaking out scenarios.  But
I'm proud that Chloe stayed confident!

Yep, that's my cell phone in my running strap on my arm..
just in knew I'd take my phone!  You never know!
I rode Otis another gentle giant that looks like Spirit from
the animated film.

Tyler taught Chloe how to totally avoid traffic and respect
it while on horseback...

Teacher Tyler and Chloe

This is Blue...He's 9 and absolutely beautiful.  He was totally
strutting and kicking up dust while we went by his pen.
He's the most beautiful animal!

Tyler took us around the barns near the Birdeye Store then
in front of Beth and Stan's soon to be home, then along
Bob Stacy's land to the gravel pit.  Here we are going up
the trail.  It was a great experience for Chloe because we
had to go up and down hills.  She also had to turn Pudge
 around several times as she got spooked from time to time
with all the brush on either side of us.  When I say spooked,
I don't mean rearing and taking off, I mean backing up and
making Chloe spooked.  Tyler continued teaching her how
to control the horse with her reins and legs.  He's a great,
patient teacher.
Sunday, April 14, 2013

A giant shout out to Tyler who took Chloe and I on a 2 hour trail ride today even after being thrown from his horse at a horse show last night in Southaven, Miss.  He said he'd rather stay active than lay around with his concussion.  Yes, that's what I said, "what in the world are you doing on a horse after a fall that could have killed him and his best horse?"  Anyway, his horse will have to go to the specialized veterinarian in Missouri tomorrow, he did something to his shank, and it doesn't sound good at all.  We were sorry about that.  So sweet horse teacher Tyler took us on a ride around Birdeye and we absolutely loved it.  Thank you TYLER!! I've left comments on the photos!

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