Alpes De Siusi, Itlay

Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 25, 2014
A view from the ski lift we took up the mountain
There were cattle, horses and llamas in the meadow
There were tons of mountain bikers and hikers

A view from the mountain after we came down
it, Chloe's pointing in disbelief as I was that
we came down that mountain...
Coming down from the "off the beaten path..."


This is the day we left for Venice, see our
backpack straps?  That's getting ready for
the train and water taxi to come...

It was steep...

Chloe and I waiting on Jackie at the top of Alpe De Siusi
This post may just be all photos, I think it tells the story of the second full day in Ortisei.  And a shout out to the fantastic Grones Hotel that was our first all inclusive hotel.  Breakfast and dinner included every day while there.  The breakfasts were full of fresh fruit (especially Cherries as they were in season in June), cereal, eggs, smoked salmon, yogurts and croissants and the dinners were really outstanding.  Fresh pasta dishes, Jackie had rabbit one night, I had a mushroom polenta, and I should say at breakfast we were given the dinner menu and we could pick from two choices as starters (a choice of a salad or soup), two choices for dinner and a dessert.  If Chloe didn't want rabbit for example, the chef would whip up some pasta with red sauce or whatever.  It was a great hotel and the staff were all so nice with their English too :)

Most of the ride back down we were walking
our bikes down a hiking trail

This was right around the time Chloe told me she didn't want to
die up there...we were alone on a scarcely marked trail with no
cell phone or anything....

We enjoyed the wild flowers up in the meadow

All of our bikes fit in the ski lift amazingly

Chloe's E-bike...It was a heavy joker to push or really hold onto
on the way down..

The Seiser Alm meadow in the Alpes De Siusi

The line for the ski lift up the mountain, lots of bikers and hikers
were going up along with us
You probably don't know I'm chlosterphophic and shaky
with heights but I took this and made it along the entire
trip without one nose bleed! I suffered a bunch when we
went to Crested Butte and Glenwood Springs in years past

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