Ferncliff Summer Camp, Little Rock

Monday, August 18, 2014

Audrey and Chloe at pick up :)
July 21-26, 2014

You all know I had camp scheduled for the third year.  I want Chloe to be able to meet new people, get out of her comfort zone and stay at college when she goes.  Thankfully through lots of prayers this summer, she finally had the best week of camp ever.  I didn't get any of the letters I've gotten the last two years about "come get me, I can't eat the kit kat you sent me because I cry myself to sleep".  I think cousin Audrey played a big role in that and the fact that she is now an 8th grader.  Ferncliff is our church's camp in Little Rock.  The girls learned songs (that she still sings), met new people, had constant bible stories and had so many funny stories about camp.  I'm glad they both had a good time.  It was Audrey's first time to be at camp and away from her mom for 2 weeks, she did great with only one day of home sickness.  Go Audrey! And I'm proud that Chloe really loved camp this year, go Chloe! :)

The stories from camp at dinner that night were hilarious...
I was laughing non stop at these two...
The Monday after camp Chloe and Audrey were group
leaders at our church's bible school, they loved it :)

We took them to Dickey-Stevens
ballpark to a minor league baseball
game in Little Rock after camp

Audrey stayed a week with us and helped put up 8 quarts of
dill pickles while with us...

I think we've put up 36 total quarts this year of dill pickles.
Chloe and I put up 12 quarts the day after we got back from
Italy because they were waiting on us and you know I cannot
not pickle....now we are putting up jalopenos which means my
garden and yard are suffering...
We took Whit and the dogs with us to Village Creek when
we got back and had a ball...here's Biscuit shaking it off

Whit and Chloe swam with the dogs in the lake and
did a lot of fetch with the frisbee

While we were there the park ranger came over and taught
everyone swimming about drowning and how to save
someone in trouble.  I thought it was a great program

Selfie from camp

They had a blast

I'm going to give them the selfie gold star

A view of their room

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