Back to school 2014, Birdeye

Monday, August 18, 2014

Our 8th grader, slow down time :)

I have to have a photo of the next door cousins every year
That's August 4, CoCo, Stella 7 and Whit 9

After church yesterday, Chloe talked us into letting her
drive so she made several laps around our driveway.
It was a little tear jerking for me...Memaw has been letting
her drive down the gravel road now for a while at the farm...
she did very well, slow, precise and looked behind her while
backing up

Chloe was asked to be litergist
yesterday and did a great job :)

This ding dong dingaling "Buddy" was surrendered a few
weeks ago...he's a 14 month old standard poodle.  He's been
totally vetted and now castrated thank God.  I seriously don't
know how anyone on the planet could keep an intact male
dog...he was insane when he came to my house and two days
later he was neutered is a new man and may I say, a lot easier
to be around now.  He does have two issues..he's needy (which
I can't stand) and he's got a crush on me I think.  I hope to
place him next door with the Bradshaw's but they've never
had a dog and I'm not sure this needy beast would be a
good fit....he sleeps next to my bed if not in it every night dang it

Cousin Benton and Alexis and their kids
came to Birdeye for a staycation Saturday
night...we had dinner and got to catch up
it was a ton of fun....this is (front row)
Clarah Creighton, Stella and her kitten, Chloe,
then Whit, Eli and Tom B. then
Trevor, August and Austin
Monday, August 18, 2014

Boy howdy, it's been busy!!

Today was Chloe's first day of 8th grade.  She was excited but still wants to get out of AP English from simply visiting the room at open house.  She said she got a bad vibe in there.  Interesting.  I am looking forward to hearing how the day goes.  The rest of this post are photos from the last week or two.  I have photos to share of Chloe and Audrey's camp experience and the rest of the Italy trip.  We need some rain and I need many hours in the garden to prep the beds for fall vegetables and lettuces...looking forward to fall :)
This crew completed their 4th Midsouth Kids Triathlon
Saturday...this is Austin Boone, Trevor Boone, Chloe,
Pierce Hill from Arlington, TN and Whit..I thought it was
cool so I called them up and gave each a pair of my favorite
Speedo goggles.  I have a feeling it'll be Chloe's last tri

The swim leg of the event in our country
club's pool

The transition area...that's 79 bikes!  Last year we had 96 kids

Here's Stella who was first out
of the pool in her heat but finished
4th overall

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