Rome, Italy

Friday, August 8, 2014

It's blurry but there are the archbishops leaving.  And when
I researched mass at St. Peter's I read that Pope Francis was
supposed to lead Friday mass June 27 when we were there but
cancelled due to a mild health issue and then lead it two days
later June 29

St. Peter's Square looking at the basilica 
June 29, 2014

I think I'll let the photos tell our story of the two days we were in Rome.  We loved our hotel, the Relais Teatro Argentina.  One of my favorite lunches in Rome was at Enoteca Corsi, a small lunch only wine shop where we had their special of Tripe, Chloe had a spaghetti marinara and Jackie had the mushroom ravioli.  All delicious.

The sights were outstanding in Rome; Mass at the Vatican, the Vatican Museum, Borghese Gallery, the Colosseum and Forum and of course, the Pantheon.

 I'll let the photos take it from here...
Another view of St. Peter's square

Pieta by Michelangelo 

Going into St. Peter's Basilica for mass

Swiss Guard outside St. Peter's
Another selfie in front of St. Peter's (I love Chloe in this one)

It really was amazing being inside St. Peter's
for mass, here's where we sat.  The sun coming
through the stained glass was really amazing

Behind us is St. Peter's remains.  Remember Jesus said to Peter
that upon this rock (Peter) he would build his church (of
course I'm paraphrasing) and it was built and is the Vatican 

Another selfie, this at Enoteca Corsi

This is the famed Largo Argentina Ruins across from our hotel
where the city of Rome has made it a homeless shelter for
cats as Rome has can see about 10 cats in this photo...

Chloe and I appreciated the Do Not Feed sign at the home in Cross County people just feed cats, as
many people do, thinking they're helping the cat rather
than taking it to a vet for spaying or neutering which in my
mind, is way more important than feeding a stray cat.
Don't just feed strays, get them spayed and neutered.
That's cheaper than feeding a stray for months
and having it reproduce. Spay and neuter also
contributes to your community. Yes, it's that SIMPLE

Another picture of the sanctuary

The place did stink to high heaven of tom cat urine

Inside when we visited it the next day (it was a little much)
but we bought a coffee cup, made a donation and bought a
2015 calendar for the vet clinic

Good Lord.  These two jokers were outside the
Colosseum with a donation cup.  If you'll notice
the size of the fingers holding the pole it's obvious
they're fake.  

The Colosseum in Rome, it was amazing.  Jackie gets his 10th
gold star because he had tickets printed before we left and we
walked past the hundreds of people waiting in line to go in...
go Jackie AKA Ricardo...:)

Outside the Pantheon

Those Colosseum stairs were STEEP

Another view of the Colosseum (it was built in 70-80 AD
and is considered one of the greatest works of Roman engineering
and architecture in the world.  It could hold between 50,000 and
80,000 people in the amphitheater where men and animals would
fight to their deaths

The line going into the Colosseum
This is after two hours we'd been there, it was PACKED!

Ruins outside the Colosseum

Chloe outside St Peter's Basilica 

The Forum

This is near the Temple of Julius Ceasar

There were tones of can see
Jackie (green shirt and backpack) standing
next to Chloe (blue dress and Italian hat)

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