Sauce on the Side, St. Louis

Friday, August 22, 2014

Chloe's a professional "selfie taker"

We had our bikes with us to ride
the fantastic Mississippi River Trail
but it rained non-stop! 

We took in two great Cardinal games while there
Since the trip to Italy, Chloe and I
have loved Nutella and this restaurant
had a banana and Nutella calzone...
it was perfection :)

The delicious Sauce on the Side, downtown St. Louis
Thursday, August 7, 2014

I was excited that Urbanspoon sent us to Sauce on the Side for lunch in St. Louis.  We went up  for a Cardinals game and to ride bikes on the Mississippi River Trail with Chloe two weeks ago.  It is a great, new restaurant just blocks from Busch Stadium.

We thought they'd have pasta or something non-pizza for Chloe to eat but it is a calzone restaurant and let me just say it was darn good.

It's a modern restaurant where you order first at the counter then get your drinks and grab a table.  They were nice to describe the calzones and recommended that for Chloe she order The Fold.  It's a smaller calzone with mozzarella and you can add your own fillings with sauce on the side, of course.  She added pepperoni and loved it.  I was thrilled because since she had a thin and crispy pizza in Verona on our first day in Italy, she's been off pizza ever since.

Jackie, on the other hand, ordered up the Meet me in St. Louie.  It was filled with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ricotta, provel, marscapone and ricotta.  The calzones are really big enough for two but Jackie wiped his out in no time.  I ordered the Puttanesca filled with roasted pulled chicken, onions, capers, roasted red peppers, minced garlic, feta, mozzarella and ricotta.  Darn it, it was good...that crispy, light dough was baked to perfection.  I couldn't even get close to finishing half of it.  For dessert, we ordered the Nutella and Banana Calzone and it was really awesome.

According to their website, Sauce on the Side was brought to life by three friends who worked in the restaurant industry and wanted to open a fast, casual restaurant.  They don't own a freezer, now that's something.  Everything is local and fresh.  The place is filled with local flyers from bands and community events and the tables in the restaurant were made by the owners.

If you're ever in downtown St. Louis, you must have lunch at Sauce on the Side.  It's just blocks from Busch Stadium and remember to consider sharing your calzone.  They're open for lunch and dinner serving wine and beer.

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