Acme Oyster Bar, New Orleans

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday, December 6, 2009

I have to admit, I don't like repetition a lot when it comes to restaurants. But Acme, one of our favorite restaurants in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is a stop we have to make when in the Big Easy. It was open at 11 am when we arrived Saturday and quickly filled up as we sat down at the oyster bar. Acme has been in business for 100 years shucking oysters. They served 3.6 million oysters in 2008 at their four locations. All are located a short drive from where their oysters are harvested and claims that is the key to this legendary restaurant's success.

At this location on Iberville and Bourbon, we like the casual feel to the bar that had plenty of TVs for Jackie's ritual conference football championship games (pic #1). He ordered an Abita Amber, of course, and I chose a Zing Zang bloody Mary. This Mary was complemented by a marinated green bean, queen olive and pickled okra and lemon of course (pic #2). It was great beverage for so early in the day. I loved our bartender who was attentive and casual. Jackie ordered a half dozen charbroiled oysters and I, of course, ordered a bowl of gumbo. We just wanted a light meal since we were headed on the 6 hour journey home to see Chloe. We planned to eat at the legendary Middendorf's in Pontchatoula, just an hour north of New Orleans. But when served our snack of gumbo and oysters we spotted Rob Rash, engineer for our levee district over at the end of the bar, he invited us to have lunch with him and US Rep. Marion Berry, D-Gillette, Ark. We couldn't say no so we joined him and missed the famous catfish location just up the road.

Over at our large table, joined by Rob, Congressman Berry, and his two staffers, there were orders of raw oysters with horseradish (pic #4), Shrimp Etoufee, Fried Oysters with fries, and of course Seafood Gumbo. I was after my "once a year raw oyster" but they were quickly gone. I like a raw oyster when it is close to its source but the men out numbered me even though there was plenty of horseradish and Tabasco for my oyster. I didn't mind, I was really ready to head on out now that it was closer to 1 pm. I haven't mentioned the bowl of Seafood Gumbo I had with shrimp and crab(pic #3) but once again, I loved it with its perfect amount of rice and scallions on top. It hit the spot after a few drops of Tabasco and saltines.

The best thing about Acme Oyster House is that it's always a sure thing, fabulous service, fresh oysters and gumbo and after my two bloody Mary's, it was time for a nap up I-55 home.

Acme Oyster House, 724 Iberville, New Orleans, 504-522-5973

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