Cafe Du Monde, Jackson Square, New Orleans

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jackie and I took a 3 mile sprint this morning through the French Quarter on the sidewalks. The beauty of this run was we were able to see other parts of the quarter that we rarely go to after dinner. We went down Iberville to Ramparts then over to Ursulines, down Bourbon then over to Decatur to the French Market. It was an easy run even though I was steadily watching the pot holes and uneven sidewalks with my hand out of the splint, I didn't want to trip and break it again. Jackie stayed a good block ahead of me with those long legs. We arrived at Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets.

Cafe Du Monde is a tourist jackpot. It is an outdoor restaurant that was covered today with tent-style tarps to help the cold wind stay out of the dining area. Near the kitchen, there is a small dining room but we have never eaten in there since we've been going to New Orleans since 2000 (minus 2005 when Katrina wiped out parts of New Orleans). Today there was a street band of two guitarists, a tuba and a singer singing Christmas songs, it was a perfect Friday on Decatur.

We quickly found a table and were greeted right away by a petite waitress that took our order and went on. The tables are tiny with about three chairs I'd say. Our order of beignets were served with my large Chicory coffee and Jackie's Cafe au Lait. Yes, very girly. You have to acquire the taste of Chicory coffee kind of like acquiring the taste for beer or sushi. An order of beignets consists of 3 doughnuts covered in powdered sugar. One order will feed 2 people for breakfast unless you're a big-time breakfast person. Our beignet and a half was perfect. Our waitress served our coffee in to go cups so we took them down Decatur past Jackson Square where carriage rides were lined up and the city streets were filling with locals and tourists alike.

Cafe Due Monde is a classic and a must while in New Orleans. They do serve beignets and Chicory coffee 24 hours a day. Check out their website, it's darling. Didn't use the facilities by the way.

Cafe Du Monde, 1029 Decatur St., New Orleans

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