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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

After a subway ride to Brooklyn and getting off two stops too late, I arrived at this popular restaurant to have lunch with my high school youth minister Ronnie Adams. I was so excited about catching up with him that I didn't even get a subway map or anything, I just relied on the hotspot application on my phone to get there. Just so you know, the subway goes under the Hudson River and you can't get service under there and my stop was the first one that I totally missed. Luckily Ronnie was a little flexible that day as I arrived 30 minutes late which killed me, I hate being late!

This unique restaurant is famous for its cheesecake but when we were seated, our waitress Janise F, got our drink order and served us pickled beats, sweet pickles and a relish in three separate bowls. I did snack on them as Ronnie and I caught up over the past 21 years. We had lots of people to cover from my friends to mutual youth we'd known over the years, as well as his family. Ronnie is busy at the Metro Baptist Church in Brooklyn as well as an AIDS ministry in Hell's Kitchen. He was a wonderful mentor to me during my high school years, always an encourager and friend. He continues this in his work in the city. He loves his ministry and talked quite a bit about his girlfriend Barbara, a retired teacher who runs a headstart in Brooklyn. Together they have helped a family and mentored a girl who just graduated high school. Ronnie said that was amazing because not many children there graduate from high school. That is amazing. Ronnie is an inspiration!

For lunch, I ordered the Jerk Chicken which came with sides of yellow rice and collard greens. Let me tell you, I loved that chicken even though it was on the bone. The greens and rice were the perfect accompaniment. Ronnie got the fish and chips and over our conversation, both our plates were finished off. I noticed that you can get breakfast all day, they have "famous" barbecue, specialty sandwiches and even offer sugar free cheesecake that I didn't notice until today writing this review!

Can you believe we both ordered dessert? I had the strawberry cheesecake and coffee while Ronnie ordered up the chocolate swirl cheesecake. They were huge pieces and I loved the super thick graham cracker crust so much. Our total for lunch for two was only $46, not bad for a long lunch catching up. We enjoyed our time together so much, laughing about life and each other. I wish Ronnie continued success in his ministry and hope to get to keep up with him on Facebook!

Junior's, 386 Flatbush Ave Extended, Brooklyn 718-852-5257 www.juniorscheesecake.com

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