Barbie's Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Monday, February 14, 2011

Stephanie Bates Jones, Leslie Johnson Williams, me, Barbie Barton Greer


Sweet Jake and Maddie ready for mommy to arrive!
Saturday, February 12, 2010

Jackie, Chloe and I picked up one my hometown best friends Stephanie Bates Jones and her precious daughter Adriaunna in Little Rock .  We had a painfully slow trip to Little Rock from home with all the snow and ice, our 1-1/2 hour trip turned into 3-1/2 hours.  We missed dinner reservations Friday night to go to one of mom's favorite restaurants in Edmond.  I wanted to review it but we got delivery dinner Friday night and went to bed. 

Jackie and I were entered in a 5 mile run Saturday morning in Edmond called the Frigid Five Miler and we loved it.  It was one of the best run races we've been to.  We loved it and I'm glad I can still run since Kara and I are entered in the Little Rock Relay in a few weeks.

The trip to OKC was interesting because of the crawl on the interstate but once we picked up Steph, the laughs started.  We got on Facebook and went to town on it, looking up classmates, going down memory lane and enjoying all the comments on there.  Good times.  My mother had us set up at her house and Chloe remarked that MeMe should run a hotel and I told her I didn't want her to because then we'd have to pay to stay there.  Mother went all out even gettin Steph keys to a car for running around.  We arrived at Barbie's mom's house a little early which was perfect to catch up with her precious and timeless mom Sherry Barton (timeless like my mom).  She looks the same and had the house ready for the party.  Bill planned the party and hired a wonderful caterer from Downtown Oklahoma City, Italian Express, which is only open for lunch.  The owner Hassan brought it all and set it up.  They served a delicious Caesar Salad, spaghetti with your choice of a really good red sauce, which had plenty of basil and seasonings, or an Alfredo sauce.  You could add shrimp or chicken to it and it was served with delicious homemade bread sticks.  For dessert, Sherry served darling Valentine colored cupcakes and cookies shaped as the number 40, very cute.  Sherry also had the place decorated with streamers and had fresh flowers on the tables.  Jackie was impressed with the beer choices even though the old Bud Light was served with an Italian Beer, Birra Moretti and Stella.

Now to the comedy...Stephanie, Leslie, Barbie and I go way back to 5th grade on comedy.  Leslie and I went 5th to 12th together and Stephanie and Barbie, the Hoover girls, joined us in 9th grade at John Marshall.  There are a million funny stories with us all in them over the years.  Leslie and I chuckled all night at our own quotes, Leslie is hilarious too. 

Stephanie and I laughed all the way home Sunday about old memories and Barbie's fabulous party (Bill needs to get some credit too since he made the remark that he went through Barbie's address book for the invitation list and invited only those he wanted to see....hahahahaha).  Stephanie and I made a Top 10 list of quotations of the party and weekend, there were so many that didn't make the list.  It'll probably be an easier read for you if I just list them out and not try to set it up, it could take 6 pages to write it all out.  You just needed to be in that car with us, Chloe and AJ in the back seat trying to listen but trying to ignore our obnoxious laughter.  Jackie drove us home and basically was in a "zone".  Trying not to listen to us but not being able to not crack up too at all the comments and re-hashing about how funny Steph and I think Bill is.  He is hilarious.  Cracks me up right now thinking about his mannerisms and comments...hahahahahaha!  Jackie survived but he did drive 90 mph when we let Steph and AJ out in Little Rock.

The Top 10

1. "I didn't, did you?"  Stephanie at the party.
2.  My explanation to Mark Efram of why I refer to J.Harmon as Jackie.  "You remember Jackie Chiles off Seinfeld?" Mark replies, "yes, is Jackie black?" I say, "no" Mark asks, "does Jackie do frivolous lawsuits?", I say "no".  Mark asks, "does Jackie rhyme?", I reply "no" and Stephanie and I totally crack up and so did Mark.
3. Stephanie asks Mark where he works, Mark replies, "Gary is one of my best clients (that's my step dad who Chloe refers to as Matt for Gary Matthews, he owns a utility contracting company), I sell pipe and Gary lays pipe." Stephanie and I are rolling....
4. Stephanie asks Bill where he's from, he replies, "from Muskogee", Stephanie replies, "I'm from there" Bill replies, "You're from the Skosh?  We could be related..."  No comment needed.
5. I ask Bill, "are you converting to be a Jew (Barbie's Jewish)?" he replies, "I am not a Jew, I'm Jew-"ish"" while using a hand gesture of "ehhh".  Stephanie and I loved it, still cracking up.
6. Bill says, "Jake rides his bike here every weekend to get bacon (from his Jewish grandmother Sherry) and he'll call first so she can have it ready for him". Stephanie and I are invisioning this...
7.  I say, "what's the deal with bacon?" Jackie replies, "it's pork". hahahaha
8.  Bill replies, "Barbie doesn't think I'm funny.  She doesn't laugh at me OR with me." hahahaha
9. While talking with another high school classmate Jason Determan who was headed to the bathroom with a beer in his hand, Stephanie asks, "you want me to hold that?"  Jason replies, "no".  Jason pauses and says, "oh, you meant my beer?" Stephanie is dying laughing....Jason has always had this type of a sense of humor...
10.  On the ride home, AJ starts telling her mom about a fight at school and ends the story with, "it was a good fight tho!!"  My car erupted with laughter.

Just so ya'll know, Stephanie and I had the best time.  We always catch up where we left off.  It was a great weekend, hard getting there but overall it was great.  I loved also being able to catch my niece Audrey's basketball game.  She was the only one on the 3rd grade team that wore knee pads because Kathy said if she didn't, she'd come home with red, swollen and bruised knees.  It was a darn good, four 8 minute quarter game.  Audrey was the guard and one of the smaller girls and was totally the leader of the team.  My brother Craig was the coach and did a great job of keeping the plays rolling and encouraging them during the game.  He had a wonderful "bed-side manner" as a coach which I totally loved.  Chloe's remark about the game was "that's a lot of running", she said that while having her legs crossed and watching the clock.  I guess we might not have an athlete.

This is Audrey in a scrap for the ball...
Audrey, #15

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