Casablanca Cafe, Ft. Lauderdale

Friday, February 25, 2011

Casablanca Cafe on Alahambra Street

The complimentary focaccia bread sticks with cilantro butter, yum!

After dinner, heading in to get some packing done...
Wednesday, February, 23, 2011

The wonderful W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale recommended this restaurant just three blocks from the hotel.  It was a fun, easy walk from our hotel to the restaurant.  We arrived to a total packed place and had to wait in the bar for 10 of the 20 minute wait they said we'd have.  Wendy had a raspberry Mohito and even though it was happy hour when we got there, I didn't get the house cab, I opted for the J. Lohr Cabernet and loved it.  Once we were seated, we had a wonderful waiter, Daniel, that we both believed couldn't be more than 30, he was 28 and super informative about the menu.  For dinner, Wendy ordered goat cheese encrusted walnut chicken with risotto, spinach pesto, straw onions and an aged balsamic reduction.  It was to die for, really, really good and just the right size.  I ordered the Pan Roasted Mahi Mahi with whipped potatoes, asparagus and lobster sauce with chives.  WOW, I loved this pick, Daniel had to veer me this way between the Mahi Mahi and the Grouper.  What a great choice.  Lemme back up and say Wendy ordered the Calamari as an appetizer and we were of course, served the focaccia and pesto butter right after that order.  I wish Daniel had mentioned that we'd get this homemade, fabulous snack before dinner.  I veered off course for a second time and ordered the hummus (because lately I love to make hummus) and it was great but I didn't come close to finishing it.

During research for this culinary find, there are two fabulous chefs, John Schupbach and Patrick Tarantino.  John is a native of Missouri and has created fabulous dishes across the nation (I love, loved the Mahi Mahi) and has been chef since hurricane Wilma in 2005.  Sous chef Patrick has been in the restaurant for over 11 years adding his experience to the kitchen.  I'd say the two make great leaders in this fabulous kitchen.

We loved this ocean side restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.  It was packed when we got there and it was packed when we left.  We loved the atmosphere, Daniel and our wonderful food.  Our dinner and drinks was $120, not bad we said.  The walk home was easy, we weren't half full.  I should also mention all the full fledged cyclists going down the A1A to Miami full-blast, I wanted to get a picture but they passed us going at least 20 mph.  You'll love Casablanca Cafe, Chefs John and Patrick and be sure to ask for Daniel for your server.

Casablanca Cafe, 3049 Alahambra Street, Ft. Lauderdale, 954-764-3500,

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  1. This looks like my kind of place. Yum, yum. It looks like you guys had a great time.