Non-stick Aluminum Foil

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mom's foil pulls right off....

Mom's updated kitchen

Foster Puglet duking it out with the Gooch Man this morning

When I got home from PEO last night, Chloe had made this booklet
to try and get a pig...this isn't her first time to ask for some type of
wild animal.  On her list so far are a chinchilla, hedgehog and more
hamsters....good lord....

My niece Audrey and AJ Jones from Little Rock spent the night
at Meme's when we were at Barbie's party

During Edmond's Frigid Five Miler last Saturday, this guy kept
turning around and running backwards.  He'd stop, run forward then
backwards....what's that about?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mother introduced me to a new kitchen short cut over the weekend.  She was thrilled about this foil that she puts over all her cooking sheets and casseroles to keep the cleanup time and effort way down.  This stuff was amazing (just like those Cinnamon rolls).  You just pull it straight off and put your cookie sheet back in the cabinet.  I loved that and I'm looking forward to trying this tip.

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