Josie's Steakhouse, Waldenburg

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I must admit that I think it's supposed to be Holidays without
the apostrophe....:)

This comes across only the front tv so
everyone else can watch hockey or a game

That guy just sat the whole time while singing...and that's
Madison Brown who came in with a bunch of friends...they
were decked out.  Oh high school days....they aren't
far off from us....just sayin...yikes!

I just know those two didn't dress alike on purpose...

This guy's first song was a Beastie Boys song,
"Fight for your right to party" then he sang
a George Strait song, I'd say he's got some
talent...we loved it.

Jackie took this pic....good lord!  See Sam Stacy down
there...he and Jessica couldn't get a table for them and
their friends so we scooted down so they could have our
table....they were fun!

A shot of the building and parking lot...
yes, Welcome Hunters should be their slogan
Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Harmon and Jeanie!  Kara and I had the fabulous idea to take them out to dinner at Josie's just north of Hickory Ridge.  It was a fun 30 minute drive over to the restaurant, we were sipping on some cabernet and munching on cheese and crackers.  When we got there, I had never seen so many pickups in a parking lot.  The lot was about half full when we got there and packed when we left.  The last time I was at Josie's was when we lived on Hamilton about 1997 or so.

Tonight's meal was great, we had a reservation at 7:00, which is late for me I know, but karaoke starts at 8:00 pm and we wanted to see it and we did.  But dinner first was good.  Kara was the appetizer orderer in our group.  She ordered up the Portabella Mushroom and Coconut Shrimp.  I have to say I didn't try either but they were wiped out by everyone, so I'd say they were good.  Kara ordered up a bottle of Kendall Jackson Cabernet and that was a great move.  The heartiness of the cab was perfect for me even though I ordered up the chicken breast with a plain baked potato and green beans.  Seems boring but I loved it all and the beans were seasoned with bacon but I didn't complain.  It was good and I ate it all!  Jackie had the filet medium rare and said it was good.  Oh and Helen ordered up the New York Strip Steak and that joker was HUGE, we all cracked up at its size and the fact that she wiped it out!  hahahaha!  Harmon's steak he had was a little grizzly but other than that, we all enjoyed our meal.  We had a dessert for their birthday, the only choice on the menu was brownies topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  We wiped it out as well.

The fun began at 8 pm when the karaoke started.  There were several takers right off the bat and the first song was a Beastie Boys song, "You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party".  We all cracked up because that's one of Jackie's favorite bands but he would have loved "No Sleep Till Brooklyn".  You can see that photo with the guy in a baseball cap who sang while sitting, the girl next to him had a turn to sing, and let's just say....she probably needed to pass the mic on down!  I can't sing at all and I imagined that would have sounded like me singing.  Anyway, Josie's has been re-done since the 90's.  It was clean, as was the ladies room, had an open kitchen and the place was packed.  Lots and lots of hunters were there and lots of people decked out that were probably from Jonesboro or Memphis, we thought.  Food was good, atmosphere fun and you just can't beat karaoke.  Happy Birthday Harmon and Jeanie!

Josie's, 7964 Highway 49, Waldenburg, Ar 870-579-2277

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