South of Beale, Memphis

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

South of Beale, Memphis

My delicious Angus burger, yes, I said I like this burger!
It was served with muenster cheese and homemade chips,

The bar at SOB

Kara's specialty Bar Pie featuring grilled chicken,
asparagus, artichokes and much to Kara's dismay, a very
salty aioli sauce that was a little tough to swallow!

We were all freezing after the run (sweat will do that to ya)!

Kara and I before the Move it Memphis 10K, it was a
beautiful day and well run event!  Martin finished 7th
in his age group, impressive!
Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jackie suggested this bar/restaurant just down from Spindinni on Main after the Move it Memphis 10K on Saturday.  The menu does describe the restaurant as Memphis' first Gastro/Pub which is to mean a bar that heavily relies on chef driven food paired with ales and wine and in a casual setting, literally an anti-restaurant bar.  Alrighty then!  We were all for trying it and enjoyed the short distance from the FedEx Forum.  We were quickly seated right next to Jessica King, a Wynne native that had just finished her first 5K and was there with her two young sons and husband Mickey and two other couples.  It was great to congratulate her on her first event!  I remember mine at the Farmfest 5K in wasn't pretty but when you cross that finish line, WOW is all you can say!  So congrats to Jessica!

Ok...Kara wasn't sure about the Saturday Brunch menu and I had to agree because after a foot race, no one really wants a really want a burger or something in the lunch category.  Jackie saved the day when he said there was a burger on the menu and a special bar pie on the chalkboard and she quickly ordered it up.  She had a mimosa and I had the most fabulous Two Vines Columbia Crest Cab and it was delicious!  I ordered the burger medium (I did ask if they had a bean or veggie burger and the answer was...).  It was served with cheese and I really did enjoy it.  It did take the kitchen a while to get the food out but we had a very attentive waiter refilling our water.  My burger was juicy and I shared it with everybody.  Kara let me try her pizza and it was good, I loved the asparagus and artichokes but the aioli sauce was so salty, I mean too salty.

Jackie had the scallop special and loved it.  It was fresh and just the right size.  Martin got Avocado and Crab Benedict with fresh fruit.  It wasn't what he expected but he finished it.  And he should have after finishing 7th in his age group posting a time of 48:24...that's lightning fast people!  Jackie's time was 55:53 and 12th in his age group; Kara's time 1:06 and 26th and mine was just 2 minutes quicker than a year ago 1:01 and 11th in the over 40 class. I'd say Sunday's half will put a hurt on, I'm just sayin!  Maybe 3 Advil is in order!

Overall we enjoyed South of Beale and I hope to visit it again during dinner time.  Kara wasn't impressed with her cocktail or the salt in her dish but I loved my burger and the fact that South of Beale is a certified Project Green Fork restaurant.  This means they contribute to a sustainable Mid-South with minimal environmental impact and focusing on strengthening homegrown restaurants.

Give South of Beale a try, I think you'll love the food and the feel of the bar.  It does have outdoor seating and a fabulous ladies room.

South of Beale, 361 S. Main, Memphis

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