9/11 Memorial, NYC

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012

I've been wanting to see the 9/11 Memorial since it opened last September.  It's free but you must get your ticket online with exact names of who will be seeing it.  There is a ton of security guards, xray machines just like airport security and you have to show your ticket 3 times before entering the memorial.  If you get the chance to go, you get to pick what time you are going to see it and they give you 30 minutes after your time to get there, which Kara and I needed since we walked from Peels that morning near SoHo.  (Do you know what SoHo stands for?  South of Houston, thought you'd like to know that little piece of information!)  There's a building you can see behind my photo of the south pool that has some of the steel from the original towers, you can see the steps that looks like it goes down into the basement or parking or somewhere.  It's not open yet but looks to be equally moving.

The pools are really moving with all the victims names around
each pool....this is the south pool

They are rebuilding the towers

There is a huge grassy area with benches and places to
reflect...there is a sign at the entrance that reminds visitors
that it was sacred ground and to view it with respect but
several people around us were telling stories and laughing
and when we were up near the south pool there was a lady
back behind it in tears...it was really moving

There will be 5 new towers, the 9/11 memorial,
a transportation hub and a performing arts center
at the new World Trade Center, amazing!

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