Another Birdeye Update 9-9-12

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I cannot believe Blogger is uploading these photos this way...
This is Chloe leading today's worship service at her
Memaw and Grandad's house....she did great.

She helped lead everyone with their own
flag with their name on cute!

Stella competing with a fellow Presbyterian in the
Presbyterian Olympics

Here's Whit trying to out run the Boone's...

Grandad bought Chloe and Whit some turkeys and they
got big QUICK...they've also had some murderers in the
pen that they have to worry about...they lost some chickens
 and turkeys 2 weeks ago and a month ago...Which reminds
me to make sure my gate is closed so we don't loose chickens
to stray dogs and so forth...on the left there is a male turkey
 and behind him at your 12 o'clock is a rooster that loves to
strut around the farm....

Sunday morning getting ready to ride...
The Midsouth Kids Triathlon gave a donation to the Wynne
Marlins Swimteam who helped us put on a safe and fun event!

The Boy Scouts and Dr. Trent Beaton also helped with our
kids Triathlon, they were KEY in the transition area and we
gave them a donation as well, many, many thanks!

Chloe had her first soccer game of the season.  She didn't
want to do soccer but it was a choice of soccer or volleyball
and she chose soccer.  I'm sure it'll be a long 8 weeks

I loved that Whit's team was in the next field...he's on an
6-10 year old team and Chloe's on the 11-15 team...he kept
watching her team play, he's so sweet and we're so lucky
Chloe has her "little brother" (or cousin) next door....

When Martin noticed Memaw and I sitting
in between Whit and Chloe's fields he was right
on over with Stella and August who were freezing,
memaw got Chloe's barbie blanket outta my car to
warm up these two who fought over the water bottle
and M&M's...we need some fighting over here!

After soccer, Chloe had a YAC meeting, which
is the Youth Advisory Council for the Cross
County Endowment Fund which I am so
grateful that she was asked to be a part of, then
she had Maggie's 11th birthday partee, we didn't
stay long but Chloe had a good time, she and
Maggie have been sweet friends since

Our annual Wynne Presbyterian Church Sunday School Kick
off was today, we try to ride every year to Memaw and
Grandad's which is about 5 miles from our house.  Jackie
was in Chicago this weekend for the Northwestern vs.
Vanderbilt game (which they lost)'s Martino meeting
us at the four way for the ride to Pleasant Hill....

August was ready for the ride to
that a bottle with a nipple Kara...he's almost
3 right....???? lol!

Chloe's soccer game, she's right in the middle with blue
shin guards that are from the 1st grade (I'm such a bad
mother) with her yellow socks climbing down her leg

Here's Stella, Whit and Kara waiting at the 4 way

Stella had some short legs on the route so I took Chloe
and Whit on to Memaw and Grandad's

Here's church at the farm, Julia Shepherd, Hayes Martin and
Linton Bradshaw in Memaw's sandpile

This is one of the highest hills in ALL of Cross County,
Chloe walked her bike up, Whit walked some of it but
here he is coming up so he can pee on the side of the road,
and I have to say that David Reagler's Pro Flex and I made
it up this hill with ZERO stress and it was SO EASY I had
to brag this morning to Kyle about how easy David's bike
was.  He said his ride on to church at Memaw and Grandad's
was no picnic because he rode his purple Schwinn with one
ring, no wonder Kyle!

This is coming into the farm from Hwy 364..I don't
understand Blogger's photo uploading system

This is along the gravel road right off 364
That's Chloe up ahead....

Here's Julia Shepherd and Katie Bradshaw in the sandpile
Sunday, Sept 9, 2012

I just know all of you would like to know what we did all weekend.  Jackie was in Chicago for the Northwestern/Vanderbilt game, Chloe and I were busy with soccer, Endowment Foundation of Cross County's Youth Advisory Council meeting and Maggie Miller's birthday party then I hosted a bike ride at 4:30 pm on Saturday.  Sunday we rode with Martin and Kara and all the kiddos to Memaw and Grandad's for the service that kicks off Sunday School at Wynne Presbyterian Church.   It was a ton of fun and great for our church, we had 19  kids today!  The future of our church looks great!

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