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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cooper Young 4 miler, Michael, Kara, Martino, Jackie, me

Beth and Stan invited us to their lake house, the kids
had such a great time!  Stella, CoCo and Whit

Katie, Reece and August gettin ready to fish

Whit loved jumping off the dock

At Kara's first 2012 birthday party (yep, there are 2 more...:)) at
the farm, Chloe pointed out the newest addition...a newborn
black miniature donkey...it's the cutest thing!
Friday, Sept. 14, 2012

Oh the Cooper Young 4 miler run is a total blast!  Jackie and I did it last year and we picked up 3 more to do it with us this year, Martino, Kara and Michael Hirons.  Shannon took our pic, she's just gotten clearance to get active again, I hope she'll do the run next year.  I love the community spirit of the Cooper Young festival which was the next day.  The run had about 2,000 runner and the winner finished that thing in under 21 minutes, that's blazing fast!  I did that thing in 41 minutes and placed 1199 for the whole thing, that's a snail's pace I say.

Kara picked the Fuel Cafe on Madison for dinner and it was mighty fine I might say.  When we were leaving the finish line area, we noticed the Soul Fish Cafe was empty, Jackie was sad we couldn't grab a table for our group but we got separated on our way to the car.  Anyhow, the Fuel Cafe was winding down when we got there at 8:30.  They were out of the Scallops, the Vegan special and had one vegetarian enchilada that I was lucky enough to have.  I'd say that's a sign of fresh ingredients and a busy restaurant.  Those enchiladas were one of my favorite dishes, it boasted corn tortillas filled with beans, brown rice, cilantro, queso fresco and chunky vegetable sauce $10.  I loved that thing!  I also ordered an appetizer...yes Kara and I were the ONLY appetizer orderers in the group!  I ordered a small plate of the ceviche tostadas $12 with scallop and shrimp with avocado and romaine.  It was light and really fresh. Kara got a dessert but I cannot remember what it was.  We had great service and the food came out in no time.  And a note to self, the place closes at 9:30 weekdays and 10:00 on Saturdays.   One neat thing about the Fuel Cafe is that they are part of Project Green Fork: Project Green Fork contributes to a sustainable Mid-South by helping reduce environmental impacts, with a focus on strengthening homegrown restaurants.  
I copied that from their website.  Give the Fuel Cafe a try, I think you'll love it.  And the restroom was in perfect shape in case you wondered....

Fuel Cafe, 1761 Madison Ave., Memphis 901-730-1916  http://fuelcafememphis.com/ Check out this website!

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