Peels, New York

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our last lunch in NYC, Tammy, Cecelia, Kara and Tanya

We loved Peels!!
Ryan made sure that we had Sunday Brunch at this Regional, American restaurant located on the edge of SoHo.  On the way to Peels, we all enjoyed studying the subway map and realized what SoHo means, it means south of Houston.  There are so many burroughs and neighborhoods in the city like East Village, Little Italy, Chelsea, Tribeca, Manhattan and so on. Our hotel concierge told us to get off the subway at Prince street but Cecelia and I just knew it was going to be quicker to get off on Spring so we did and got to walk right through SoHo and totally enjoyed it but we had about a 10 block walk to the restaurant.  We weren't late believe it or not!

Peels was a really neat and packed restaurant when we arrived for our 11 am reservation.  We were short one person and they tried to cram us 5 in a 4 person booth but we soon got a chair on the end that I quickly took because I was the shortest person in our group.  Since we had such a walk from the subway we were all hot and sweaty and quickly sucked down serveral refills of water.  They had little glasses and gave everyone one giant ice cube per person and left a milk style bottle on the table for refills.  We had that thing refilled I bet 6 times during our brunch.  I was in the mood for lunch and ordered the Veggie Sandwich which was a great decision because of the awesome bread it was served on and the marinated tomatoes, basil and smoked mozzarella made it so good.  I had the house made tasso potato chips that were light and crunchy.  I shared them and they were gone by the time I had my bloody Maria.  Yes, I wanted to try their spicy bloody Maria made with Jalopeno Infused Tequila with bloody mary mix.  A note to self, they don't serve alcohol until noon on Sundays.  So I sipped that deliciously spicy Maria while the others shared 2 large desserts, I think one was banana cream pie and then a chocolate sundae.  I am pleased to say that the ladies room was in perfect shape.  One thing I will say, which is rare on this blog, we had kinda good kinda not so good service.  We were ignored at first and kinda ignored at the end.  Just sayin.

But I loved Peels and its extensive menu and that HOT bloody maria.  They had neat tables outside on the street too that were filling up when we were leaving.  Be sure to get a reservation at Peels, you won't be disappointed!

Peels, 325 Bowery, New York Check out their website:

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