Sunday, September 30, 2012

After church Chloe and I loved picking the garden...WOW!
I wish I understood Blogger...Chloe took this after Whit
and Stella came over after church, they left in 30 minutes
because it was "boring over here", Stella said.  Chloe actually
was happy with that response so she could quickly get Biscuit
 into this outfit for another IMovie she's working on...
Believe it or not, Biscuit doesn't mind....I'd mind, just sayin....

The Kale I bought at Hay's quickly got in the ground...

We love letting the ladies out ....

I have to say that I have A LOT of Zinnia's coming up late...

The reason I Googled Pickling Jalapenos....too bad I was
missing one ingredient dang it!

Chloe's favorite staple is the old PB&J..

Last week, Kara and I had a post church lunch for Bettie Cooper,
Jackie and Martin's cousin who's spent the summer here writing,
reading and enjoying solitude.  We hardly saw Bettie at all but
we wanted to socialize before her fall departure.  Here's
Bettie Johnston Cooper, Jim Shaver (Winnie Bob's brother), Kara,
Jackie (way back there) August, Martin, Chloe, Whit and Stella.
Not pictured was Harmon

At church today, Dr. Mitze Minor (who baptized Chloe and is
a professor at the Memphis Theological Seminary) was our
guest minister today as the church is looking for a full-time
minister.  This was a BIG and great children's sermon and fun to
listen to as Maggie Neller, who's 3, had a lot to say....
Stella, Trevor Boone, Whit Smith, Austin Boone, Seth Poindexter,
Katie Bradshaw, Linton Bradshaw, Eli Boone, Julia Shepherd and
Maggie fun to see so many young people!

The zinnia's I cut after church.  Is it just me or
are there a lot of zinnia's about to bloom this year?
It seems that we have a ton of new blooms, I
just hope it gets warm just enough to let the young
ones bloom.

If only I kept pickling salt on hand...I'd
have had a pint of my own pickled japs
that I could use this winter/spring.  Ken
Johnson gave me a big piece of advice at
church recently, "you've already eaten some
of your pickles?", "Yes", I reply.  "Well
you're not very smart.  They're only best after
many, many months of sitting in the pantry". If
only I got this message way back since I only have
3 jars left....I've made a mental note for next year
Sunday, September 30, 2012

3rd Annual Big Dam Bridge 50 mile Bike Ride yesterday, Little Rock
 Martino, Kara, Jackie, Polly, Cecelia, Bob and Adam.
All members of the BBC, the Birdeye Bicycle Club
Happy Birthday Gary! My step-dad is having a birthday today, he and mother are in San Antonio for the 2012 World Skeet Championships.  I believe they've been going to this world-ranking tournament for 15 years.  I sure hope he had a great birthday and missed NO shots!  His Oklahoma car tag does say, "2ATLOW8" which I think means a really good score.  Obviously, I don't shoot skeet..:)  Gary and I have been close since they got married.  Thanks Gary for being such a great step-dad or DAD! :)

Okay, so we're unpacking from our 3rd Big Dam Bridge Bike Ride, doing the 50 again and I had to snap shots of the garden picking that Chloe and I gathered (and planted) this afternoon.  We had a wonderful service today at the Wynne Presbyterian Church by Dr. Mitze Minor, she baptized Chloe nearly 10 years ago and we were so glad to have her back.  Chloe really wanted to take Julia Shepherd with us to church, so we took her for a Hay's donut and a short grocery list then on to Sunday School.  After church, CoCo and I battled over piano practice and she locked herself in her room.  I think I remember the same type defiance in Junior High and I'm certain it won't be our last head to head battle.  And she plays so beautifully too I might add....

Chloe and I picked about 30 fresh japs out of our garden with the eggplant, tomatoes and peppers.  I was so excited to have such a harvest.  I went online to figure out if I had the ingredients to can all those japs but I was missing one stinking item and a key one, the pickling salt, dang it.  So I've cut them up and are storing them in an airtight container for this week.  I sure hope to have some for canning next year.  I don't think it'll get warm enough this fall for a quart of japs outta my garden.

While at Hay's, they had kale plants on sale so I grabbed three and quickly got them in the garden.  I am looking forward to another fall harvest.  Cecelia Killough had Chloe and I plant garlic this fall (instead of spring) and I added a late garden of tomatoes planted and some spinach and romaine are coming up now.  Yay!

I went ahead and added some photos over the past week too just for fun.  Happy Fall Ya'll! :)

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